RIA Novosti: Iranian authorities borrowed measures from Moscow to strengthen the national currency

March 4 – BLiTZ. The Iranian authorities used the Russian experience to solve the problem with the depreciation of the national currency.

In February of this year, the Iranian rial collapsed, the US dollar was estimated at 600,000 units instead of 380,000 earlier.

Tehran laid the “Moscow recipe” as the basis for the package of measures of the National Bank, which was used after the tightening of Western sanctions pressure after the start of a special military operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine.

“Flexible use of the key rate, its sharp increase reversed the process. This prevented many negative consequences. Then the rate was gradually lowered – as funds were received from commodity exports, ”quotes Vladimir Kovalev, analyst at TeleTrade, RIA Novosti.

BLiTZ wrote: three powerful countries located in close proximity compete with each other and push each other to establish a dialogue. An expert on Turkey, columnist, blogger Ivan Starodubtsev spoke about this, he assessed the current relations between Ankara and Tehran. The analyst believes that Russia, Turkey and Iran have managed to maintain the imperial backbone. But at the same time, he regarded the relations between the Turkish and Iranian sides as extremely contradictory.

Iran has predicted such an increase in cooperation at a strategic level between Russia and China, which the West cannot even imagine March 3, 2023 at 17:11

Recall: Turkey scrupulously looks at the situation in Iraq, which is soon capable of becoming a nuclear power. If Tehran gets its own atomic warheads, Ankara will accelerate its own nuclear weapons program, the Turks have the potential for this.

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