RIA Novosti: Senator Pushkov called the NYT article about Nord Streams the most unsuccessful attempt at disinformation

March 8 – BLiTZ. RIA Novosti, referring to a statement by Senator Alexei Pushkov, reported that the New York Times material about the explosions of the Nord Stream gas pipelines is an example of outright disinformation.

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According to Pushkov, the Americans’ references to the intrigues of some Ukrainian groups that blew up the pipelines, as well as the “evidence” of Die Zeit journalists about the discovery of a “Ukrainian trace” during the charter of the yacht used in the explosion, is a well-planned action to divert attention.

The senator noted that Washington is doing its best to avert suspicions from the real perpetrators of sabotage at the Nord Stream – the American intelligence services.

I consider the attempt unsuccessful, Pushkov summed up the news.

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