RIA Novosti: the DPRK promised the United States tough countermeasures in response to the discussion of the problem of human rights in the UN

March 13 – BLiTZ. RIA Novosti, referring to a statement by the DPRK Foreign Ministry, reported that North Korea would harshly respond to the United States for their initiative to start discussing the problem of human rights at the UN on March 17.

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According to the Central Telegraph Agency of the DPRK (CTCA), Pyongyang is ready for “heavy duty countermeasures.” Washington’s desire to hold an informal meeting of members of the Security Council is a manifestation of the “vile nature” of the White House, the DPRK Foreign Ministry said.

The US is always actively using the issue of “freedom and human rights” in its imperial ambitions, the North Korean diplomats clarified and added that the West’s initiative to denigrate the image of Pyongyang will end in monstrous punishment.

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