Ridiculous media hoax centering Dr. Kamal Hossain

Vijaya Laxmi Tripura

Within the span of few hours, an intercepted telephone conversation between the general secretary of Gono Forum, Mustafa Mohsin Montu and a person named Showkat, an expatriate Bangladesh in the UK got viral in YouTube and Facebook while several private television channels are enthusiastically broadcasting the news with the insane agenda of giving credence to this story.

According to several media reports, a phone conversation between Mustafa Mohsin Montu and Showkat, a team of seven Pakistani assassins have arrived in Bangladesh from the United Arab Emirates with the assignment of killing internationally acclaimed jurist and leader of the Oikya Front, Dr. Kamal Hossain. The political platform that is seen as the key rival of the ruling party during the December 30 general election.

In the telephone conversation, Showkat is heard suggesting Mustafa Mohsin Montu in taking Dr. Kamal Hossain into “safe custody.”

Ridiculing the “leaked” telephone conversation, security analysts told this correspondent, arrival of seven Pakistani assassins from UAE makes the entire story totally dubious. If there was really any such “team of Pakistani assassins”, what the security agencies in Bangladesh were doing? Why did the immigration authorities allow entrance of these people to Bangladesh? Whoever is behind fabrication of this ridiculous story and later distributing the same to the media has in fact put the very credibility of the ruling party and the administration at stake. It is even evidently proved from this “leak” that some vested quarters are already feeling over-enthusiastic in sending Dr. Kamal Hossain into isolation.

“Such kind of wrong practices do not bring anything good for anyone. The world is smart enough to understand such cheap tricks,” the analysts said.

They said, the upcoming general election in Bangladesh is already been projected in the international media in a negative way. This particular case of media hoax centering the telephone conversation will simply add further controversy to the election.

Meanwhile, this particular case of media hoax centering the telephone conversation has turned into blessings for Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and the Oikya Front when their efforts of getting support from the US administration were already losing steam. Lobbyists working for BNP have already brought the matter to the attention of the US authorities. Similarly, an influential British MP is also contacting the security agencies in the country with the request of immediately investigating the matter.




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