Road News: Traveling from Muzaffarpur to Motihari and these three districts will be easy, know what the administration is doing…


A state in Eastern India: Action has started at the administrative level regarding the construction of five roads connected to the city along the Muzaffarpur-Hajipur road. The District Magistrate has given a recommendation on the proposal received from the Road Construction Department-1 regarding the construction of these roads in the year 2023-24. A proposal has been prepared for the construction of these roads with Rs 149 crore. On the other hand, a letter has been written to the Additional Chief Secretary of the Road Construction Department for the approval of the scheme on behalf of the district administration. Apart from four roads, approval has also been sought for the construction of a bypass road. It has been told that all these schemes are important urban roads, whose widening and strengthening is very important. Due to non-widening of these roads, there is always a problem of jam and small-big accidents. The Executive Engineer of RCD-1 told that after getting the recommendation from the District Magistrate, the proposal has been sent to the department. After getting approval from the department

Proposal sent for these roads

Chandni Chowk to Bakhri Road – 7.65 kms. Amount – 50 crores

Muzaffarpur Sitamarhi Road – 4 kms. Amount – 28 crores

Muzaffarpur Hajipur Road – 3.40 kms. Amount – 24 crores

Muzaffarpur Old Motihari Road – 5.20 kms. Amount – 24 crores

Mithanpura-Bela-Imli Chowk-Rohua (Bypass) – 3 km. 23 crores

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The problem of jam can be controlled to a great extent.

In the proposal that has been sent to the Road Construction Department at the administrative level, it has been told that there is a lot of vehicular pressure on all the marked roads. Due to the less width of the roads, the residents of the city always have to face the problem of jam. Also, this path connects Sitamarhi, Darbhanga, Motihari and Hajipur with the city, which is the gate of entry and exit of the city. It needs to be widened. On the other hand, information has been given about the bypass that the no-objection letter has already been given to the Road Construction Department for acquisition by the Municipal Corporation. This will reduce the problem of jam in the city. At the same time, this road will work as a bypass of the city.

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