Romanian intelligence services did not find explosives in a letter sent to the Russian Embassy

No explosives were found in the envelope with the powder sent to the Russian embassy in Romania. This was reported on February 17 by the Romanian agency mediafax.

“In connection with the envelope seized at the Russian embassy, ​​we clarify that explosive materials were not found in it,” the agency cites a message from the Romanian Security Service. At this point, laboratory research continues.

Earlier, on February 17, the Russian Embassy in Romania confirmed that it received an envelope with powdered contents from an unknown sender that day. The diplomats informed the local services, who promptly arrived at the institution, examined the envelope and sent it to the laboratory for analysis.

Last December, the Romanian Embassy in Paris received an envelope with white powder. Law enforcement agencies seized the package, the analysis of the contents of which showed that inside it was a mixture of sugar and soda.

In the same month, Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko reported that Spanish police seized three envelopes addressed to the Ukrainian embassy and consulates in Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga. The envelopes contained animal eyes.

At the end of November, an explosive device detonated at the Ukrainian Embassy in Madrid. As a result of the explosion, an embassy employee was slightly injured and was able to get to the hospital on his own.

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