Roskomnadzor blocked more than 45 thousand sites with illegal sale of medicines

More than 45 thousand Internet pages with information about the illegal sale of drugs have been blocked and deleted by Roskomnadzor since the beginning of 2020, the department told Izvestia.

The activities of the vast majority (44.2 thousand) of violating sellers were stopped at the request of Roszdravnadzor: 6.5 thousand – in 2020, 12 thousand – in 2021, 20.5 thousand – in 2022 and 4, 8 thousand for a month and a half of this year.

According to Roszdravnadzor, most often – in 73% of cases – web pages with offers to sell medicines not registered in Russia were blocked. In 13% of cases, these were sites that sold prescription drugs, including psychoactive ones, that is, capable of causing drug addiction. In 5% of cases, violators even tried to sell narcotic and psychotropic drugs online.

The abundance of such offers on the Internet can adversely affect the health of the population, according to Roszdravnadzor. So, according to the department, “a serious problem is the spread of antimicrobial resistance in Russia due to the uncontrolled sale of these drugs without a prescription and a doctor’s prescription.”

The demand for such sites is due to the rush demand for certain drugs, says the director of the SRO Association of Independent Pharmacies, head of the Alliance of Pharmaceutical Associations Victoria Presnyakova.

Read more in the exclusive Izvestia article:

It hurts, it’s necessary: ​​Roskomnadzor blocked 45 thousand websites of fake pharmacies

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