Ruckus again on smart meter in Muzaffarpur, people vandalized electricity office, made employees hostage


Muzaffarpur. The anger of the electricity consumers once again erupted at around 11 am on Thursday morning over smart meters and wrong billing. Hundreds of people came out on the road due to power cut of 3693 consumers of Electricity Supply sub-division Saraiyaganj. When the bill went in minus, the electricity office at Tilak Maidan was vandalized and set on fire. Employees were mistreated. He was held hostage in the office itself. The glass of the counter and the computer board were broken and thrown on the road. After this, the angry people blocked the Saraiyaganj tower. There was fierce ruckus for about four hours. All the mouths of Tower Chowk were jammed with bamboo bats. Angry people also surrounded the captive vehicle. For about 20 minutes, the vehicle was stuck in the jam carrying the prisoners. Angry people shouted slogans against the electricity department. Demanded to withdraw the smart meter.

Jam on all major roads of the city

The condition of the jam was such that by 12 noon all the major roads of the city had come under the grip of jam. The coming and going of bikes and e-rickshaws also caused traffic jams in the locality. At first, the police tried to convince the people, but after giving a stern warning for disobedience, after assuring the improvement in the bill, the blockade was removed at 3 pm. After this the traffic on Saraiyaganj tower could be smooth. On behalf of the Electricity Department, an application has been given in the city police station regarding sabotage and damage. The city police said that the application has been received. Legal action is taking place.

Suddenly the recharge of smart meter went in minus.

People said that suddenly at around 10:30 in the morning, the smart meter bill of the consumers of Saraiyaganj area went negative. After that the power was automatically cut off. Called customer care. But, there was no help of any kind from there. After this, dozens of consumers of Saraiyaganj area together reached the electricity office located on Tilak Maidan Road and narrated their grievances.

People started ruckus and vandalized on abusing

The personnel present there scolded and drove the people out. People got angry because of this. Started arguing with the employees. On this, an employee abused the consumers. After this the anger of the people flared up and they started creating ruckus in the office. As soon as they saw it, people started vandalizing it. The workers were taken hostage in the room and Tilak Maidan Road was blocked by arson. After the hearing was not held here, people created ruckus by reaching Saraiyaganj Tower Chowk.

Smart meter deducting more amount than required

The people involved in the uproar said that even after recharging the smart meter, more amount is being deducted than required. No one is listening to complain. Suddenly more money is being deducted. This has increased the problem. Leaving all the work, he has to wander in the affair of bill recharge. Additional SHO of Nagar police station Omprakash told that the police had reached on the information of the uproar. People were pacified by talking.

Recharged for 25 thousand, 1.5 lakh went in minus

Consumer Govind Kumar Sharma, a resident of Akhadaghat of the city, told that he recharges 25 thousand. He had recharged a few days ago. When I woke up in the morning, I saw that the bill was minus 1.5 lakh. Meenakshi Kumari of Brahmpura told that she has a cosmetic shop. His bill went in minus more than three thousand. Other consumers also told that their bill went in minus more than Rs.500 to Rs.1000. The bill was going in minus as soon as I recharged.

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Electricity cut for those who did not deposit the deferment amount: Executive Engineer

The Electrical Executive Engineer of the Electricity Supply Division Muzaffarpur (Urban-1) presented his stand on Thursday regarding the matter after the vandalism in the Tilak Maidan office. It is said that seven days after the billing of the consumers of Saraiyaganj under the Electricity Supply Division, Muzaffarpur (Urban-1), the electricity connection of such consumers, who have not deposited the deferment amount, was automatically severed.

Told that a crowd of people gathered in the office room for the information about the bill in Tilak Maidan Road, Sub-Divisional Office of Electricity Supply. It was being resolved one by one by the departmental officers and personnel. Meanwhile, some rowdy people started a ruckus. The documents in the office room were tampered with. The office was vandalized and government property was destroyed. The FIR has been lodged in Nagar police station.

Electricity restored to 2250 consumers till late evening

Till 3 pm, 3693 consumers whose electricity connection was disconnected due to deferment amount being charged, 2250 consumers have recharged and released their electricity connection. All the consumers who have been informed about the deferment amount on their registered mobile number. They are again requested to ensure that the required amount is kept in balance before the date of disconnection, so that power interruption can be avoided.

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