Rushil Kumar’s partner Kaushalendra Pratap became Jamshedpur’s second topper, know who won the 12th


In the declared results of ICSE 10th and ISC 12th board examinations, the children of the district have won the hearts of parents and teachers by performing well. Especially Rushil Kumar, a student of Hilltop School, Telco, has become a national topper in class 10th and has become an inspiration for all. On the other hand, his own schoolmate Kaushalendra Pratap is the second topper of Jamshedpur. Let us tell you that as soon as the result is announced, there is an influx of congratulators at the houses of the school toppers. Relatives living in other villages and cities are also boosting the morale of the children by congratulating them on mobile phones. The teachers are also giving credit for the success of the children to their hard work and self-study.

The new enthusiasm generated by these achievements has not only strengthened the confidence of the children, but has also given a new identity to the educational environment of Iron City. Now successful children are talking openly about their future plans as well. Some want to become an engineer-doctor, and some want to become CA and IAS after further studies. Along with this, by telling their own adopted strategy for preparing for success, they are giving a message to the junior children to do better. [email protected]’s report based on the conversation with the toppers of the city.

Kaushalendra Pratap – 99.14% marks

Completed one year course in six months by doing double hard work

Golmuri resident Kaushalendra Pratap, a student of Hilltop School, got 99.14 percent marks in the ICSE 10th board. He told that a better result was expected from this. By the way, I am happy with the test result. He completed the one year course in six months. Had to work double. After preboard, he started revision.

He told that there was an online class during the cavid. When school started, there was trouble for a few days. Because the habit was missed. Stay away from mobile and social media. Focused on the guideline of the school. Next we have to prepare for JEE. His father Mithilesh Kumar Singh and mother Sushma Kumari are working in Tata Motors. His native village is Bhagalpur.

Shagun Sinha – 98.8% marks

Students should remove their weakness, success will surely come

Find your inner deficiency and weakness and focus on removing it. No one can stop you from being successful. Whether the 10th board result is good or bad, it does not make much difference. These things were said by Shagun Sinha, the 10th board topper of Carmel Junior School. Shagun got 98.8 percent marks in the 10th board examination.

Shagun told that she is very fond of maths and physics. Engineering studies have to be completed from IIT. Already started preparing for it. After engineering I want to do MBA. Shagun told that apart from studying in school and tuition, she did self-study for six hours every day. After studying for two to three hours, she used to take a break in between. She used to talk to the teachers when she had problems or doubts while studying. Shagun is a resident of Bishtupur. Shagun’s father Brajesh Kumar Sinha and mother Ranjana Sinha both work in Tata Steel.

Priyanka Chakraborty – 99.2% marks

Stopped going out for a year, regular studies

Priyanka Chakraborty, a resident of Alok Vihar Ghodabandha, a student of Hilltop School, got 99.2 percent marks in the ICSE 10th board. He told that he got more marks than expected. He had expected 97-98 percent marks. He had stopped coming and going anywhere for a year. Kept studying regularly. The course was completed till Pre. After that revision started.

Prepared from sample paper. He told that time was not available for social media. She wants to move forward by taking computer science. Listened to music to relieve stress. Apart from this, she also used to do Kathak. His father Pankaj Chakraborty is working in Tata Motors. Mother Sushmita Chakraborty is a housewife, from whom she got a lot of support.

topper list

ICSE 10th Top 10

1. Rushil Kumar 99.8 Hilltop School

2. Kaushalendra Pratap 99.4 Hilltop School

3. Priyanka Chakraborty 99.2 Hilltop School

4. Ujjwal Aditya 99 Loyola School

4. Vedanta Saraswat 99 Loyola School

4. Snehal Roy 99 Sacred Heart Convent

4. Piyush Prasad 99 Narbheram Hansraj English School

4. Ajitesh Sitesh 99 Rajendra Vidyalaya

4. Anushya Singh 99 LFS

4. Devarshit Sahu 99 LFS

5. Siddesh Kumar 98.8 Motilal Nehru Public School

5. Harsh Aryan 98.8 Narbheram Hansraj English School

5. Shagun Sinha 98.8 Carmel Junior College

5. Shiksha Banka 98.8 DBMS English School

5. Shaurya Lakshmi 98.8 LFS

5. Raman Bhardwaj 98.8 DAV Patelnagar

6. Ashwini Kumar 98.7 Sri Krishna Public School

7. Mohd. Hajufiza Ehsaan 98.6 Narbheram Hansraj English School

7. Ayushi Sharma 98.6 Sacred Heart Convent School

7. Tanisha Kumari 98.6 Sacred Heart Convent School

7. Anushka 98.6 Loyola School

7. Kuldeep Sen 98.6 Rajendra Vidyalaya

7. Bhumi Kumari 98.6 DBMS English School

7. Vaibhav Karn 98.6 Gulmohar High School

8. N Vidisha 98.4 DBMS English School

8. Srijini Shaikh 98.4 LFS

9. Pallavi Jha 98.2 KPS Kadma

9. Amit Choubey 98.2 Beldih Church School

9. Amitesh Das 98.2 Gulmohar High School

10. Naval Singh 98.0 LFS

10. Shreyans Shekhar 98 RVS Academy

10. Pushkar Kumar 98 Carmel Junior College

10. Ayushi Jha 98 Carmel Junior College

10. Aakriti Kumari 98 RVS Academy

isc 12th pure science

1. Ashish Sam 98.8 Carmel Junior College

2. Kumar Sujal 98.25 DBMS English School

3. Paushali Patra 98 Hilltop School

4. Tushar Kumar Sinha 97.5 Loyola School

4. Akul Ameya 97.5 Carmel Junior College

4. Ananya Paul 97.5 Sacred Heart Convent School

4. Jatin Singh 97.5 Narbheram Hansraj English School

4. Soham Mitra 97.5 DBMS English School

4. Subhigya Priyansh 97.5 DBMS English School

5. Nandani Kumari 97.3 Carmel Junior College

6. Anviksha Pandey 97.25 JH Tarapore School

6. Aditya 97.25 Rajendra Vidyalaya

7. Harsh Sharma 97 Rajendra Vidyalaya

7. Nikija Anil 97 LFS

7. Amisha Sinha 97 Loyola School

7. Ishani Dasgupta 97 Loyola School

8. Shreya Verma 96.7 LFS

8. Anjesh Singh 96.7 LFS

8. Chandrima Hazra 96.7 LFS

8. Akshansh Kumar 96.7 Hilltop

9. Asmita Paul 96.5 Hilltop

9. Aditya Ranjan 96.5 Hilltop

9. Shivansh Singh 96.5 Rajendra Vidyalaya

9. M Nandi 96.5 Narbheram Hansraj

9. Pratyasha Palit 96.5 KSMS

10. Naman Prasad 96.25 LFS

10. Jigisa Das 96.25 Tagore Academy

10. Manali Sen Gupta 96.25 KSMS

isc 12th commerce

1. Isha Murarka 99.25 Loyola School

2. Srinjoy Banerjee 99 Carmel Junior College

3. Suyasha Singh 98 Carmel Junior College

4. Priyanshi Doshi 97.75 Carmel Junior College

5. Arpita Gupta 97.25 Hilltop School

6. Vrinda County 97 Carmel Junior College

7. Ayan Dasgupta 96.25 Loyola School

7. Lavya Gautam 96.25 Loyola School

8. AS Shubhashish Mallick 95.75 Hilltop

9. Muskan Kedia 95.25 Narbheram Hansraj English School

9. Kaushal Debuka 95.25 KSMS

10. Tanisha Agarwal 93.75 DBMS English School

10. Ishita Singh 93.75 DBMS English School

isc 12th bio science

1. Vishwaroop Chatterjee 98.3 Carmel Junior College

2. Stuti Srivastava 96.00 JH Tarapore School

3. Ariba Sarwar 95.25 JH Tarapore School

4. Anshika Dubey 95.00 JH Tarapore School

5. Snigdha Bhowani 93.25 Sacred Heart Convent School

6. Kanishka Bakshi 92.75 Church School, Beldih

7. Ritu Kumari Rai 92 Kerala Public School Kadma

8. SR Mehwish 91.75 Sacred Heart Convent School

9. Bhumika Mangotia 91.75 Sacred Heart Convent School

10. Sudiksha Dasgupta 91.5 Sacred Heart Convent School

isc 12th arts

1. a. Saroja Thampi 98.25 Loyola School

  1. Aditya Thakur 98.25 Loyola School

  2. Ved Vaibhav 97.50 Loyola School

  3. Ashi Sengar 97.50 Loyola School

2.Ananya Paul 97.50 Sacred Heart Convent School

  1. Pratyaksha Adarsh ​​97.25 Sacred Heart Convent School

  2. Akanksha Chowdhary 97.00 Sacred Heart Convent School

  3. Manya Ludra 97.00 Loyola School

  4. Anindita Bhattacharya 95.05 JH Tarapore School

  5. Shruti Sarkar 92.75 Kerala Public School Kadma

  6. Megha Raj 91.25 JH Tarapore School

  7. Prachi Singh 90.05 JH Tarapore School

  8. Vaishnavi Agarwal 85.50 Gulmohar School

10. Sonal Singh 85.25 Gulmohar School

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