Russia has reduced the volume of investments in US government securities by three times

The volume of Russian investments in US government securities in December decreased by 3.3 times compared to the previous month and amounted to $629 million. The relevant information follows from the documents of the US Treasury published on website departments February 5th.

It is noted that in November this figure was $2.092 billion, in October – $2.034 billion, in September – $2.015 billion.

According to the documents, the volume of investments of the Russian Federation in US government securities has been holding at a level slightly above $2 billion since March.

At the same time, in February 2022, the volume of investments amounted to $3.753 billion.

According to the US Treasury, in December, long-term bonds in Russian investments accounted for $104 million, short-term bonds – $525 million. In November, long-term bonds accounted for $80 million, and short-term bonds – $2.012 billion.

Earlier, on January 19, Olga Veretennikova, vice-president of Borsell analytical company, said that, given the tension between Washington and Moscow, we should expect a decrease in Russia’s investments in US government securities.

As the expert explained, US government securities (treasuries) are debt securities issued by the US government to finance government spending.

Russia began to reduce investment in US government debt from April 2018. The volume of Russian investments in the American economy in September 2022 amounted to $2.015 billion, in October of the same year – $2.034 billion.

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