Russia Wagner Group: Wagner Group forced to retreat within 12 hours, how the threat of civil war was averted on Russia


The threat of civil war looming over Russia has been averted for the time being. private army Wagner Group Returning to Ukraine after the deal. Its chief Yevgeny Prigozhin has ordered his army to retreat. Now the question arises that what happened after all that Wagner was forced to retreat within just 12 hours of the threat of a military coup.

What was the agreement with Wagner Group

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has claimed that the crisis on Russia is over after the agreement with Wagner Group Chief Yevgeny Prigozhin. Under the agreement, Prigozhin will now leave for Belarus and all charges against him and his fighters will be dropped. The President of Belarus first discussed this issue with Putin and then negotiated an agreement with Prigozhin. Lukashenko’s office said Prigozhin agreed to the withdrawal of his troops as part of a proposed settlement. He said that the agreement also includes security guarantees for Wagner soldiers.

What did the chief of Wagner Group say?

The head of the private Russian military force, Wagner, said that he had ordered his troops to stop the advance towards Moscow and return to their field camps in Ukraine, so that the blood of the Russian people would not be shed. Prigozhin said that when his men were only 200 kilometers (120 mi) from Moscow, he decided to send them back.

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Russian army was ready to eliminate Wagner Army Group

After the rebellion of the Wagner Army Group, the Russian army had also geared up. Moscow prepared to deal with Wagner by establishing outposts on its southern flank with armored vehicles and troops.

After the rebellion, Putin had warned to end the Wagner Group

Russian President Vladimir Putin had earlier termed the announcement of the armed rebellion of the private army Wagner Group as a step of betrayal and backstabbing of Russia. Putin had said that those who conspired to revolt would be severely punished. He had also said that all those who conspired to revolt would have to face severe punishment. However, in the meantime, news also came in the media that Putin had fled from Russia in view of the progress of Wagner Group. However, this could not be confirmed.

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