Russia will resume production of strategically important raw materials after a 25-year break

February 25, 2023, 11:37 – BLiTZ – News In Russia, lithium mining will resume after a 25-year break. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

This metal is a necessary material for the manufacture of batteries, components in the nuclear industry, space and transport industries.

According to the source, Russia ranks third in the ranking of countries with lithium reserves.

Since the 1970s, less expensive technology has been reported. So, the extraction of lithium was replaced by the extraction of this metal from natural brines with a high concentration of minerals, for which water was collected from salty mountain lakes. This was the reason for the suspension of metal production in Russia, despite the fact that the Trans-Baikal lithium deposit was developed by less than half.

In Russia, it was decided to resume the development of deposits of this metal. Thus, the independent mining of lithium has become a strategic task for the next few years. From this year 2023, the joint venture of Rosatom and Norilsk Nickel – Polar Lithium – will develop the largest Kolmozerskoye deposit in the Murmansk region.

According to the source, exploration work will be carried out, after which, according to preliminary calculations, lithium production will be able to reach its design capacity by 2023. Archival work and discussion of related aspects with local residents are also planned.

Earlier it was reported that European countries will be able to cover a maximum of 40% of their lithium needs by 2030. Read more about this in the material.

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