Russian Embassy demands clarification of Salisbury incident from Britain

The British authorities fabricated the incident in the city of Salisbury in 2018 in order to start preparing to turn their population against Russia. This statement was made at the Russian Embassy in London on Saturday, March 4.

According to the Russian diplomatic mission, in 2018 the incident with the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia looked like an isolated case.

“Now we understand that official London was not interested in searching for the truth. The British fabricated the chemical incident in Salisbury in order to start preparing their population and their allies for a confrontation that has now turned into a military-political plane in Ukraine, ”the embassy stressed.

It is noted that the Russian side, on the eve of the anniversary of the incident in Salisbury, sent a note to the British Foreign Office, which requires clarification on the health situation and the whereabouts of the Skripals.

“Unfortunately, we still do not know anything about the fate of our two citizens who disappeared on British soil. Our numerous appeals addressed to the authorities of the United Kingdom regarding the circumstances of what happened in Salisbury and the current situation of Sergei and Yulia Skripal remain unanswered,” the department added.

The Russian Embassy accused the British authorities of disregarding international law, including the provisions of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations of 1963 and the bilateral Consular Convention of 1965.

In September, the Russian Embassy in London asked the British Foreign Office to provide information about the health of Sergei and Yulia Skripal. The department stressed that Moscow has been kept in the dark about this information for four and a half years.

British spy and ex-GRU officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were allegedly poisoned in the British city of Salisbury on March 4, 2018. London claims they were exposed to a Novichok-class weapon allegedly being developed in Russia. Moscow was accused of involvement in the incident. Russia denied all accusations against it, pointing out that they were unsubstantiated.

The British authorities blamed the incident on Russian citizens Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov, who were called GRU agents. The Russians were charged under four counts, including the attempted murder of the Skripals. Petrov and Boshirov themselves said that they visited Salisbury as part of a tourist trip and were not familiar with the Skripals.

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