Russian Foreign Ministry warns of US plans to deploy military infrastructure in Central Asia

The US and the EU have noticeably stepped up contacts with the states of Central Asia. Promising dubious “dividends”, Washington is trying to get agreement on the deployment of military infrastructure in the region, said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galuzin.

According to him, partners of the Russian Federation are required to condemn the special operation in Ukraine, join illegal anti-Russian sanctions, and curtail cooperation with Moscow as a whole.

“In return, they promise some kind of ephemeral “support for economic development” and other “dividends”, they say that they are supposedly capable of becoming a “profitable alternative” to Moscow and Beijing. Under this mute, Washington is trying to get the consent of the Central Asian states to deploy their military infrastructure in the region, ”he said in an interview with TASS.

Galuzin pointed out how non-governmental organizations operating in Central Asia controlled by the US and the EU, bloggers and the media create the image of Russia as an enemy for the Central Asian peoples, and incite nationalist and Russophobic sentiments in society.

“Obviously, there is a specific goal behind all this – to undermine the relations of alliance and strategic partnership between Russia and the Central Asian countries, to destroy the integration processes in the post-Soviet space,” he concluded.

On February 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin, during his speech to the Federal Assembly, indicated that the United States and NATO were deploying their army bases and secret biological laboratories near the Russian border, mastering the theater of military operations.

On February 6, Konstantin Kosachev, co-chairman of the parliamentary commission investigating the activities of American biological laboratories in Ukraine, said that a lot of attention is riveted all over the world to US biological research in Ukraine, and it is only growing due to Russia’s ongoing work on this issue. According to him, it will no longer be possible for American customers to hide the truth about their activities.

On January 1, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un accused the United States of creating an analogue of NATO in Asia. He noted that since 2022, the United States has been raising the level of military pressure on the DPRK, building up military capabilities and introducing nuclear strike weapons to South Korea for permanent deployment.

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