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Russian ISIS brides melting in several countries under the disguise of sex workers


Russian ISIS brides melting in several countries under the disguise of sex workers

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Western world as well as nations which are confronting radical Islamic militancy are not showing any sympathy to those ISIS brides who had voluntarily joined the notorious jihadist outfit and married those cruel Muslim militants. We can cite here the example of Shamima Begum, the teenager who traveled from east London to Syria in 2015, had her British citizenship revoked. The United States made a similar decision to stop Hoda Muthana, an Alabama woman and another ISIS bride from returning to the US.

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, there are as many as 4,000 Russian citizens traveled to Syria and Iraq and another 5,000 from other former Soviet republics.

Chechnya’s ruler Ramzan Kadrov, who is known as the strongman ruler of Chechnya, whose regime has long been accused of brutal reprisals against Islamist insurgents and their families is now extremely vocal in receiving the ISIS brides. He has lobbied President Putin for the return of Russian-speakers from ISIS and helped organize nearly a dozen evacuation flights from Syria to Grozny, the predominately Muslim capital of Chechnya.

According to observers, Ramzan has various motivations behind such stand. But the scheme had to be suddenly suspended following the intervention of the Russian security agency. Since then, only ISIS children are being repatriated. No more brides.

Although the Chechen government has tried to portray these brides as obedient wives, in reality, few of those brides have told the reporters that it was religious motivations that led them to ISIS. They believed, ISIS was sharia and they wanted sharia in their lives.

President Vladimir Putin also in showing interest in getting the children of the Russian mothers from the ISIS camps.

Where those ISIS men and women have vanished?

According to media reports, thousands of young Russian Muslim men and women were lured to join ISIS. But since the so-called caliphate fell, those people have simply vanished and there is no trace of any of them. It is not impossible that those men and women either have already returned to Russian through various neighboring nations or they may even have suppressed their identities and have traveled to some of the Asian or Western nations using Uzbek passports, for example. In case of the ISIS brides, a large segment of them have reportedly melted into the crowd under the disguise of sex workers.  Although they are working as sex workers, they have not abandoned their vicious ideology of caliphate. In fact, all of them are lone wolves, who are looking for their prey. According to a credible source, some of these ex-ISIS brides are deliberately getting infected with HIV with the notorious goal of infecting the ‘enemies of Islam’ with this deadly virus.

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