Russian woman forced her daughter to brush her teeth with water from the toilet for “bad words”

February 26, 2023, 13:15 – BLiTZ – News A video has surfaced on social media showing a child being abused by what is believed to be his mother. The footage shows a girl, who is about 10 years old, she sits in front of the toilet on her knees and brushes her teeth in tears. According to information received from sources, this happened in the Rostov region.

Off-screen, a female voice makes the toothbrush girl say some of the words she used earlier. Most likely, the mother found out that her daughter wrote rude words on the Internet.

The public news service does not publish the video for ethical reasons.

What smart words do you know? Tell me! Let’s! Take it in your hand and brush your teeth. Say your words that you know. What do you know? the woman demands.

“Bad,” the girl says, crying.

The woman insists: “Say the ones you wrote. Say, I said quickly! And brush your teeth afterwards.

At first, the girl refuses to utter swear words, but under pressure from an adult, she nevertheless names two rude words that she used in correspondence.

After each word, the woman orders the girl to brush her teeth: “Clean your mouth after each word.”

The public news service previously reported that in St. Petersburg, a man with a gun broke into a dentistry and threatened doctors.

It is noted that the attacker pursued one of the dentists on the street, and then entered the building and threatened other employees with murder. Then the doctors said that the police would come soon. Frightened, the man ran out of the clinic and fled the scene.

Another high-profile incident occurred in New Moscow: there a man crushed his daughter’s boyfriend to death, sitting on his back.

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