Russians may be required to pre-trial resolve disputes with the Criminal Code

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry has developed a draft law on the so-called claim procedure for settling disputes between management companies (MC) and homeowners. The document is planned to be sent to the profile committee of the State Duma. Izvestia got acquainted with its content. We are talking about claims for the quality of the work of the Criminal Code – for the management, repair, maintenance of houses, yards, and so on.

Before filing a complaint with the control and supervision authorities (GZhI), as well as with the court, citizens will be required to first write a claim to the service provider himself, explained Susana Kirakosyan, chairman of the CCI subcommittee on business development in the field of residential real estate management. If the Criminal Code does not solve the problem within 10 days, residents will be able to apply to the court and supervisory authorities.

“If the Criminal Code does not respond and people go to court, it will be possible to recover a consumer fine from the company for the lack of action,” said Susana Kirakosyan.

In addition, if such a proposal is accepted, then the lack of a reaction from the building manager should become an aggravating circumstance during the inspection, Pavel Sklyanchuk, an expert from the Popular Front, is sure. For example, the standard fine should be increased by 10%, he added.

As law enforcement practice shows, people often apply to the GZhI and the court without sending an application to the Criminal Code, the explanatory note to the draft says. Today, in courts, cases of housing disputes occupy the first place, their number has already exceeded 10 million and continues to grow.

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With the right to correspondence: they want to oblige people to pre-trial resolve disputes with the Criminal Code

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