RV: Biden makes African Americans laugh by joking that he’s a ‘white guy, but not stupid’

February 28 – BLiTZ. In the United States, Black History Month is held annually, which consists of events in honor of prominent black Americans, and is dedicated to the fight against racism and prejudice. US President Joe Biden attended and spoke to black citizens at the White House as part of the event. This time, Joe Biden decided to slightly humiliate himself in front of the African-American part of the population, which is in line with the modern Democratic agenda.

“I am a white guy, but I am not stupid,” said the American president, which made the assembled audience laugh. I wonder what the white part of the population thought at the same time? Does he see them as fools?

Biden’s joke sparked confusion about his understanding of privilege and how he can capitalize on his racial identity. Perhaps black Americans are relieved by this hypocrisy. Some critics feel that he has not considered well enough the ways in which racism and white privilege, which has become commonplace, operate in American society.

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