Save Jordan from the cruel grips of King Abdullah

Vijaya Laxmi Tripura

Jordan is burning! People in the West should note, Jordanian royals not only are the worst-ever-form of dictators, but they are also defenders of strict Sharia rule, which only can be seen in Iran.

Jordan, which received massive economic aid from the United States, and in mid-February 2018, it signed a 5-year US$ 6.4 billion aid package with America is truly a deep state. King Abdullah and every member of the Jordanian royal family, including Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, though may pretend to be following the Western lifestyle, they, in reality, are notoriously radical Muslims who support Sharia rule and patronize notorious terrorist groups such as Hama, Islamic State, etc.

The case of Dr Heba

Family lawyer and college professor Heba Melhem, who holds a PhD in Sharia Law and lives in Amman, put out a public cry for help in early February, saying she had received threats from the government after taking off her hijab (Muslim head covering) to criticize its unfair treatment of women – in a reminiscent fashion to Iran’s recent crackdown on female protesters removing their hijabs. Melhem, who is an independent rights activist, likewise condemned the lavish lifestyle of King Abdullah and his “Palestinian” wife Queen Rania, who does not wear a hijab, even as their citizens starve, and questioned why Jordan cannot have true peace with Israel.

Clarifying the threats against Melhem, Zahran explains that “Heba’s criticism of the king netted a court ruling that declares her mentally incompetent. It adds that she should, therefore, be forcibly institutionalized.” He explained that the ruling on her “mandatory detention and institutionalization” was issued by a “government-controlled court.”

In her filmed request for help, Melhem explained the authorities had labeled her “mentally unstable” in an attempt to silence her and threatened that they would abduct her and lobotomize her if she didn’t adopt a low profile.

Jordan’s “Marie Antoinette”

Melhem was not the only one to have her rights abused merely for protesting against the monarchy.

Zahran reports that during an anti-regime protest in Kerak 100 miles south of Amman on Feb. 23, activist Seyaj Al-Majali criticized Queen Rania saying, “The wives of Jordanians were from known families and respected themselves and did not appear on the cover of magazines with [U2 lead singer] Bono”.

According to the JOC head, Queen Rania directly ordered the activist’s arrest in response, and he noted that her celebrity hobnobbing “has been a matter of controversy, mockery and rumors in Jordan for years, and it clearly bothers the queen.” He explained much of the Jordanian public has dubbed her “Marie Antoinette” for her life in the lap of luxury and alleged multiple extra-marital affairs, even as the common people struggle to make ends meet.

Queen Rania: The most corrupt woman

Despite the fact of the people of Jordan suffering from economic constraint and exorbitant rise in the price of essentials, Queen Rania, the Palestinian-born wife of King Abdullah of Jordan has been spending millions of dollars in her wardrobe and design clothes.

According to our sources in Jordan, the queen and other members of the corrupt Jordanian royal family are using the foreign aid money towards their personal luxury and even in buying expensive properties in the West.

In 2011, 36 Jordanian tribal leaders, who represent 40 percent of the population had criticized Queen Rania and accused her of corruption, stealing money from the Treasury and manipulating in order to promote her public image.

The tribal leaders compared the queen to the wife of former Tunisian president Leila Ben Ali, who stole from her country’s treasury for years, giving her family members vast sums of money and land at the expense of the Tunisian citizens.

It was also mentioned that Jordan is suffering from “an authority crisis” and from a growing influence of “corrupt businessmen who surround the decision-makers, affect political decisions and ignore national interests.” The tribal leaders called to “put these corrupt people who stole from the country on trial, regardless of their status”.

Below are videos that show how the corrupt Jordanian royals are spending lavishly:


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