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Scammer kid godman now falsely claims to be a professor

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Scammer kid godman now falsely claims to be a professor

By now, international media has already started realizing that a “kid godman” from India, who has been fooling the entire world with filthy lies is actually a part of a scam show that we have named ‘Abhigya Anand Scam Racket’. Parents of Abhigya Anand, his father Anand Rama Subramanian and mother Annu Subramanian {also known as Annu Anand] are actually behind the entire show who are dreaming of making hundreds of millions of dollars by establishing various business ventures. Their first venture named Praajna Group claims to be “An Abhigya Anand Venture”. Meaning, this family is trying to fool the Indians and international community by reciprocating the tactics of other fake godmen and godwomen in India. According to information, Praajna Group was established in 2020, immediately after this kid godman succeeded in drawing attention of millions of people through numerous forms of fraudulent acts.

On the website of Abhigya Anand, his parents said: “Abhigya has been homeschooled from day 1, except for attending a school temporality in Germany at age 5. His Mother and Father took him on the path of homeschooling after being dissatisfied with the factory system of schooling, despite backlash from family and society”.


According to our findings, Abhigya Anand also attended New Horizon Gurukul School in India wherefrom he was expelled for violating school disciplines. Later, parents of Abhigya Anand resorted to blackmailing and maligning the school by getting a “report” published in Bangalore Mirror.

Abhigya Anand’s parents portray him as a recipient of international award as a child prodigy.

Here again this newspaper has investigated the matter and found, Abhigya Anand received ‘Global Child Prodigy Award’ from an organization that actually sells awards in exchange for money.

An Indian national named Prashant Kumar Pandey has been running a scandalous award selling venture under the garb of so-called ‘Global Child Prodigy Awards’ (GCPA). So far, the person behind this dubious venture has successfully managed to get famous individuals such as Oscar-winning music director A.R. Rehman, Novel laureate Dr. Kailash Satyarthi, Indian civil bureaucrat Dr. Kiran Bedi as well as members of the UAE royal family at the award-giving ceremony and later has been selling their names through the website of GCPA with the ulterior motive of influencing the probably award-seekers.

In the website of GCPA, it is written:

GCP Awards is the world’s first and only child prodigy initiative that recognizes Top 100 Child Prodigies around the globe each year from various verticals. A platform for all kids up to age 15 to showcase their talent and uniqueness to the global audience and get recognized as Top 100 child prodigies, and they also get featured in Global Child Prodigy Annual Book every year. GCP Awards aims to acknowledge prodigies from various categories such as arts, music, dance, writing, modeling, acting, science, and sports, etc. provide them global exposure to excel in their respective domains.  

Fake address

According to the website of GCPA, it claims to have offices in Dubai, UAE, and Karnataka, India. The Dubai address of GCPA is #2111, Churchill Executive Tower, Business Bay, P.O. Box: 115417, Dubai, UAE; while its Indian office is at 1st Floor, #7 A VS Compound, Koramangala, 6 Bengaluru, Karnataka, India 560034.

But in reality, there is no such office of GCPA in Dubai or India. When an undercover investigative reporter of Blitz called +91-9710819518 and spoke to Prashant Kumar Pandey, he said, their Dubai and Karnataka offices were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Until now, none of the above-mentioned offices exist. Meaning, owner of GCPA, Prashant Kumar Pandey himself is another scammer.

The funniest part of this Abhigya Anand scam show is a declaration of their website which states:

Abhigya Anand “completed his Sahitya (advanced course on Sanskrit literature and grammar) from Karnataka Sanskrit University. Also completed his Pravesha course in Sanskrit (M.A equivalent) from Surasaraswati Sabha in Srngeri. He is now eligible to teach Samskritam as a Professor”.

It also said: [Abhigya Anand] “has done his Post Graduation Diploma in Ayurvedic Microbiology. Studied the Ashtanga Hrdayam and other Samhitas”.

We also have sent email to Dr N S Suresh of Sri Surasaraswathi Sabha, 5/1, Abhinava Mandira, Sri Shankara Math Premises, Shankara Math Road, Shankarapuram, Banglore-560004, India asking about the mysterious “Pravesha course in Sanskrit” which Abhigya Anand’s parents claim to be equivalent to post-graduate degree. They did not respond.

On its website, Sri Suransaraswathi Sabha describes its objectives stating:

The objective of Sri Surasaraswathi Sabha is propagation of study of Sanskrit language and literature among the masses. It is trying to achieve this objective through the following activities –

Simple Sanskrit Examinations are conducted in five levels, twice a year. These examinations are open to all interested individuals, irrespective of age, qualification, gender, caste or creed.

Scientifically graded textbooks for these examinations have been prepared under the guidance of scholars. These textbooks help to build skills of Sanskrit reading, comprehension and writing in students and prepare them for a deeper study of Sanskrit literature and shastras.

Merited students who exhibit excellence in these examinations are honoured with medals and encouraged to pursue the study of Sanskrit.

Nowhere it claims of ‘Pravesha’ degree to be equivalent to post-graduate degree. But, according to the website, Pravesha is a grade for those students who had obtained lowest marks. Proving, Abhigya Anand is no genius or a brilliant student at all.

Chief patron of Sri Suransaraswathi Sabha is a godman named “His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamigal” and its secretary is Dr. V R Gowrishankar”.

There is no information about the institute wherefrom Abhigya Anand has done his “Post-Graduation Diploma in Ayurvedic Microbiology” and studied the Ashtanga Hrdayam and other Samhitas.

We have already asked authorities of the Karnataka Sanskrit University asking as to how a kid could claim to be eligible as professor of Samskritam. But they did not respond to our email.

While Abhigya Anand’s parents claim their son does not have any social media account, our investigative team already has found an account of this scam racket on LinkedIn. On this ID, Abhigya Anand claims himself as “CEO” of Praajna Group for more than a year and “Professor” (part time) with Maharshi VedVyas Intl’ Virtual Vedic University. On the website of this “virtual Vedic university” there is no mention of Abhigya Anand being its “professor”. Most importantly, on LinkedIn ID, Abhigya Anand claims to be working as a part time “professor” with Maharshi VedVyas Intl’ Virtual Vedic University for more than 6 years. Although as of 2022, Abhigya Anand’s age is 16, it is a grand mystery as to how this kid godman could become a “professor” with Maharshi VedVyas Intl’ Virtual Vedic University at the age of 10 only.

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Tajul Islam is a Special Correspondent of Blitz.

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