Scientific cultivation of basmati paddy is useful, Agriculture Production Commissioner told the farmers in Aligarh the tricks of good yield


Aligarh. In UP’s Aligarh, Agriculture Production Commissioner Manoj Kumar Singh said in the Basmati Farmers Awareness Seminar that basmati rice is produced in a very large area in Uttar Pradesh. But the ratio of production to exports is very less. The reason for this is excessive use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and non-processing according to standards. The government is trying to remove these shortcomings and increase the export of basmati rice along with giving proper benefits to the farmers. Agriculture Production Commissioner Manoj Kumar told that 30 districts of the state have got GI tag for basmati rice. But, our farmers are behind in taking advantage of exports relative to production. He appealed to the farmers to grow exportable basmati paddy. Reduce farming cost. Appealing to the farmers, he said that keeping in mind the GI and quality of Basmati, do not plant summer paddy.

Scientific cultivation of basmati paddy is useful

Speaking at Basmati Farmers Awareness Seminar in Alampur village of Chandaus Development Block, Agriculture Production Commissioner Manoj Kumar Singh said that Indian basmati rice is liked worldwide for its fragrance and taste and the government is also emphasizing on its export. Due to which farmers can get better price. The intention of the government is that the farmers should get the big benefit of the produce. District Magistrate Idra Vikram Singh said that after the Green Revolution, India has become self-sufficient in food grains. Keeping in view the demand and export of basmati paddy in the world, its scientific cultivation is very important.

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Tips for good yield of basmati paddy

In the Basmati rice seminar, information about the international standards of exportable Basmati was given. The main focus of the seminar was on increasing the yield of exportable basmati paddy. Dr. Ritesh Sharma of APEDA told that Pusa Basmati-forest is produced in UP. At the same time, it was told by experts that selection of good variety is very important to bring good yield and best quality of Basmati paddy. In this seminar, 15 types of basmati paddy seed treatment, seed treatment, seedling preparation, transplant preparation, irrigation management, use of chemical and organic fertilizers, production, ripening method, effect and control of diseases and pests were discussed. The farmers were explained in detail.

Report- Alok Singh Aligarh

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