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Secret union between Jamaat and Justice Sinha


Secret union between Jamaat and Justice Sinha

Anita Mathur from USA


Radical Islamic political party Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh (JIB) leader Abdur Razzaq, a London based barrister is scheduled to visit United States during October 9 to 12, when he is expected to meet with White House officials, legislators, House committee staffers, analysts and a number of think tanks. This has already been reported in Blitz on 25 September 2018. But, one of the most important itineraries of barrister Razzaq is yet to catch the attention of the media. According to credible sources, during the US visit, barrister Razzaq, who is on self exile in the United Kingdom, will be meeting former chief justice of Bangladesh, Surendra Kumar Sinha. Venue of this meeting is yet to be finalized. But several sources said, the meeting may take place in Washington DC, where both Razzaq and Sinha will be staying in Capitol Hill Suite.

Barrister Abdur Razzaq is an assistant secretary general of JIB.Founded in Lahore (then British India) in 1941 by the Islamist theorist Abul Ala Maududi, JIB has established branches in countries all around the world, including a substantial network in the United States. JIB came to prominence in 1971 after its operatives assisted in the murder of hundreds of thousands of Bangladeshis fighting for freedom from Pakistani rule. Three million people reportedly died in the catastrophic war and millions (mostly Hindus) fled to neighboring India as refugees.

In America, JIB operatives have their own prominent institutions, which pose as representative bodies of American Muslims. These institutions and their officials have served as vocal supporters of JIB in Pakistan and Bangladesh, helped coordinate protests against the War Crimes Tribunal in Bangladesh, and organized lobbying and PR efforts in D.C.

Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA is an affiliate of JIB. It is registered in Canada and operated by several important figures of Jamaat-e-Islami. ICNA does not hide its JIB affiliations, and is openly identified as a JIB proxy within Islamist circles. ICNA’s educational programs have featured staunch hard-line ideologues, and JIB founder Maududi’s books have been promoted on the website of ICNA’s youth division, Young Muslims. ICNA also is registered in the US. It has an international relief arm named Helping Hand for Relief and Development, a 501(c)(3) which raised an astonishing $40 million in 2016.

Jamaat-e-Islami is violently antisemitic and considers Jews and Christians as enemies of Allah. It also considers Israel as an ‘enemy state’. JIB and ICNA leaders maintain deeper ties with the Palestinian terrorists including Hamas and PLO. In 2016 it had worked against Donald Trump and extended all out support towards Hillary Clinton. It is even rumored that JIB spent significant amount of money behind Hillary’s campaign.

JIB is one of the promoters of Al Qud’s movement, mainly funded by Iran. Since independence of Bangladesh JIB has recruited thousands of Bangladeshi youths and sent them to Lebanon and Palestine for fighting against Israel.

According to Abha Shankar, Senior Intelligence Analyst at the Investigative Project on Terrorism, and Sam Westrop, Director of Islamist Watch, a project of the Middle East Forum,”Terror ties have dogged American JIB groups for years. One of the two women indicted for their role in a 2015 Islamic State bomb plot lived in an ICNA-run shelter and appeared in ICNA promotional material. And just the other week, on Sept. 6, an ICNA official in Connecticut, Fareed Khan, was indicted by a grand jury after lying to the FBI about his involvement with ICNA and Helping Hand. An FBI affidavit  revealed that Khan had been questioned on suspicion of financing terror in Pakistan through the purchase and sale of medical supplies.”

Romance between JIB and Sinha:

Being marginalized in politics in Bangladesh since 2012, JIB has been conspiring in grabbing power in that country through undemocratic ways. With such motive in mind, JIB has been spending lavishly in creating strong connections with the United States’ Senate and Congress as well as top policymakers. Barrister Razzaq’s visit is a part of that plan.

Surendra Kumar Sinha, known as a loyalist of Bangladesh Awami League, country’s ruling party came into media’ focal point when he left Bangladesh in 2017 due to illness. Later he resigned from the position of Chief Justice and submitted his resignation letter with the Bangladesh High Commission in Singapore. Later, ruling party leaders claimed, Justice Sinha has left the country to avoid legal consequences as numerous allegations of crime were brought against him. Since then, Justice Sinha was living silently in Canada. But recently he once again caught attention of a section of Dhaka’s news media as he published his biography. As JIB considers this book as a vital tool for them in grabbing power through undemocratic way, it established connections with the former chief justice. Later a secret verbal agreement between JIB and Sinha were finalized, where the radical Islamic party agreed providing necessary fund for getting Justice Sinha international media exposure. Several meetings between Sinha and policymakers of the U.S. government have also been finalized. During these meetings, Justice Sinha is going to handover digital copies of his book and detail latest status of independence of judiciary in Bangladesh as well government’s frequent interference into lower and apex courts.

JIB policymakers are considering Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha as their ‘tramp card’ and would use him in appraising American policymakers and top jurists on the ‘current situation’ in Bangladesh. Members of JIB in the US also are trying to buy airtime in several television channels for airing interview of Justice Sinha.

Bangladesh missions in Washington DC and New York are in total dark about the secret alliance between JIB and Sinha.

Meanwhile, barrister Razzaq, through some top lobbyist firms are trying to set appointment for Justice Sinha with some influential leaders of the Democrat and Republican parties. Moreover they also are trying to get appointment from key aides of President Donald Trump.

A source in the Capitol Hill said the US administration does not consider JIB as a terror outfit. When they were told, JIB demands ‘Allah’s law’ (Sharia rule) and denounces democracy and rights of women, they said, such allegations should be ‘substantially proved’. “We can’t take any decision about any individual or organization by depending on mere rumor. Till now, we don’t consider Jamaat e Islami as a terrorist organization.”

When it was reminded, JIB is antisemitic, the source said, “Antisemitism unfortunately, seems to be a popular opinion in most of the Muslim nations. None of the political parties in that country are above such wrong mindset.”

It further said, “All of them consider Israel as enemy state and denounce the existence of the Jewish state.”

Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha’s meetings with the key officials, think tanks and media in the US may result in deterioration of existing relations between Washington and Dhaka. Justice Sinha may turn into a headache for the Bangladesh government as he also is planning to visit India and Nepal and meet the members of the local media and Hindu rights groups in those countries, under JIB’s patronizion.

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