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Shall we be grateful to Dr Osama Fawzi?


Shall we be grateful to Dr Osama Fawzi?

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

In the entire Arab world, if anyone in the world will be asked to name at least a few of the top news media, they will mention the name of Al Jazeera and the Arab Times. We know, Al Jazeera is a multi-billion-dollar venture of the Qatari rulers, while the Arab Times actually is published from the United States, and of course not involving even couple of millions of dollars each year. The key attraction of the Arab Times is Dr. Osama Fawzi (no he has nothing to do with Osama Bin Laden). This newspaper is not only very famous but it also equally is extremely influential. And the man who runs the entire show is Dr. Osama Fawzi, a Jordanian-American.

Most of the time, I consider the Arab rulers as callous – more precisely the Saudis. Because they actually do not understand the importance of the media. They fail to realize – a single newspaper can be far more effective than thousands of ballistic missiles or even nuclear bombs. Should Saudis have a minimal intellect in realizing the importance of media, they would most definitely have hired individuals like Dr. Fawzi and placed just a hundred million dollars towards a daily newspaper project. Dr. Fawzi has the intellect, knowledge, and capabilities of helping any newspaper in becoming world famous and of course – extremely influential.

Aside from being the Chief Editor of the Arab Times, Dr. Fawzi has shown his excellent zeal in mesmerizing hundreds and thousands of his audience in his witty but totally focused one-man-show on YouTube. In other words, he is the Larry King of the Arabic media.

Dr. Fawzi’s Arab Times has picked up a battle, what we call a media jihad against Blitz. Though many of the reporters in our newspaper are annoyed at Dr. Fawzi, I am personally taking a battle of word between Blitz and the Arab Times as rare blessings. Why? Because the Arab Times is the only newspaper that truly represents the Arab world. On the other hand, Blitz is the only newspaper in the entire Muslim world that confronts radical Islam, anti-Semitism and religious extremism. While Dr. Fawzi loves Hamas and defends Palestinians, we in Blitz consider Hamas as a mega-terrorist outfit and Palestinians as invaders. Dr. Fawzi appeases the corrupt Jordanian royals, while we have been exposing the ugly faces of the members of Jordanian royal family, including King Abdullah, Queen Rania, Prince Ali and of course, the most controversial, Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein.

Dr. Fawzi may feel shy in exposing the truth about the murder of Sheikha Latifa Bin Al Maktoum right inside the Dubai royal palace as well how Jordanian King Abdullah and his corrupt wife Queen Rania are looting the wealth of the Jordanian people. Dr. Fawzi also would exhibit reservation in exposing those perversions in Princess Haya’s personal life or as to how she has made hundreds of millions of dollars through corruption and by extorting Sheikh Mohammed Maktoum through her romantic trap.

Dr. Fawzi will never endorse a plain fact – sitting in Jordan as to how King Abdullah and Queen Rania are playing foul with the fate of the Jordanian people or looting the public exchequer and smuggling out the money to several Western nations.

He also will never write about Princess Haya’s nasty younghood and as to how she has dated with several men both in Jordan and in the West. Of course, Dr. Fawzi can never do that under the repressive monarchism, which does not believe in freedom of press or freedom of expression.

Commenting on the Arab Times, a journalist based in New York City in the US said, “This is actually the only newspaper that represents the Arab world in the West. Its chief editor Dr. Fawzi is a knowledgeable individual and he truly is a seasoned journalist. Should he be born in – for example Qatar, the regime would have already placed millions of dollars in bringing out a bi-lingual daily newspaper with Dr. Fawzi as its editor”.

Another journalist in Dubai said, “Arab rulers mostly spend hundreds and millions of dollars in buying the Western media, though they fail to realize, Western media won’t ever serve the purpose of the Arab world, even if they are paid tons of money. Whenever there is any crisis, western medias would play notorious role as villains and do everything is causing optimum damage to the Arab nations. The case of Jamal Khashoggi was an example, and now the case of Princess Haya is another example”.

Dr. Osama Fawzi is doing a great favor to Blitz by introduce us to those millions of Arab readers, for which we remain grateful.

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is the Editor of Blitz. Follow him on Twitter at Salah_Shoaib

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