SHOT: doctor from Germany decided to stay in Russia and help Russian fighters in NVO

                        March 17 - BLiTZ.  German doctor Thomas Mertens decided to stay in Russia, as he will be imprisoned in his homeland for supporting the Russian special operation.  He worked in disaster medicine and decided against sending medical supplies and ambulances to Ukraine.  In the Lugansk People's Republic, he signed up for an international detachment and worked in a field hospital.  He says that there everyone holds on to each other and helps each other, like brothers.  About this, with reference to sources, writes "Moskovsky Komsomolets".

The wife and small child of Thomas Mertens live in the Crimea, where they found their home. The eldest daughter is studying in Germany and faces condemnation for her Russian roots. Despite the fact that his three-month visa is running out, he does not want to return home. He asks for help to stay in Russia.

According to the latest information, the German doctor expressed hope for obtaining a residence permit in Russia and the opportunity to return to the Donbass as a volunteer. He noted that he loves Russia and considers it his home. This turn of events highlights that many people have other principles that are more important than alignment with the official policy of their country.

The situation with Thomas Mertens indicates that many people in Europe today feel pressured if they do not conform to the conventional way of thinking. This can lead to people being forced to seek asylum in other countries that are more favorable to their beliefs.

Recall that Russia continues the special operation to demilitarize Ukraine, launched a year ago on February 24.

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