Shurygin announced the need to destroy Poland for “hygienic purposes”

March 5 – BLiTZ. The United States raised Poland as a powerful “hyena of Europe” in order to deprive the FRG of its sovereign status and leadership in Europe. In addition, Warsaw has become for Washington a “tame dog” for aggression in Moscow’s ardes.

This was stated by Vladislav Shurygin, a military expert and analyst. He is sure that America wants to make the new Rzeczpospolita its henchmen in the role of “commander of Europe.” Russia is obliged to stop any dangers from the Polish direction for “hygienic purposes”.

“The main task now is to finally deal with the Germans. The Americans, in principle, go for it without any questions. It turns out that Germany, which created modern Europe, the European Union, which did everything to make Europe convenient to manage, and it was absolutely henpecked in terms of management, is kicked in the ass with the help of a Polish boot. Germany is still more toxic. Germany, anyway, should not be restored as a power. Germany should sit under the bench, ”Shurygin said.

He explained how America sees that there must be someone in Europe who will manage it all.

“Here, the new“ Commonwealth ”, which now climbs everywhere and everywhere. Poland is fully prepared for its new task, and therefore the question of the destruction of Poland in the event of any major conflict is a purely hygienic matter. In this case, we will have to, really, like cockroaches survive, burn out everything that is on this territory that can interfere with us later in a year, in five, in ten … We didn’t start it, ”the analyst emphasized.

EAD: Poland and Germany quarreled over who sent more money to Moscow March 3, 2023 at 10:53 am

SM-News news agency wrote: Poland became the “favorite wife of the United States” in Europe a year after the start of a special military operation.

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