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Silence on Hindu children brutalized by Muslims in India


Silence on Hindu children brutalized by Muslims in India

Radhika Singh

A 15-year-old Hindu minor went to play cricket with his Muslim “friends” who had showed up at his house. He never returned; his dead body was recovered from a river nearby. The financially-challenged family of the boy was beaten up by police personnel, who also forced them to settle for a lofty sum of money, alleges Rohit Jaiswal’s father. No proper postmortem was conducted on the body that was drowned in the river after being tied to a heavy object.

The destitute family eventually had to leave the state of Bihar, which is ruled by a Muslim-abetting Chief Minister who once referred to a terror-accused killed in a police encounter as “The Daughter of Bihar.” She was a Muslim. The 15-year-old Hindu boy, who was indeed the son of the soil, however, got no recognition from this government.

Rohit was taken to the site of an upcoming mosque in the village by his “Muslim friends,” where parents of these children were already present. The bereaved father claims that his teenage child was killed there for the belief that the sacrifice of a Hindu child could make the mosque area more powerful. The incident dates to March 28, but didn’t come to light until recently, as not a single media house had the intestinal fortitude to cover a murder story with Muslims central to the crime.

Rohit is not the first child who was sacrificed at the altar of secularism in order to please the minority in this land.

On January 26, India celebrates its Republic Day. Chandan Gupta’s mother has been observing this day as her son’s death anniversary for the past two years. Processions of youth holding the Indian flag flood Indian roads on this day. When Chandan Gupta entered a Muslim-dominated lane on January 26, 2018, waving the India tricolor with pride, he was opposed by the locals. The altercation heated up and the lad was hit by a bullet. Remember that possessing firearms is illegal in India unless one has a license, which is quite a nut to crack. Still a student, Chandan Gupta died with the national flag in his hand, because he wanted to wave this flag through the streets of his independent country. Salim and his brothers, Wasim and Nasim, were held as the principal accused.

On September 30, 2013, 11-year-old Vidhu Jain was burned alive in broad daylight; locals witnessed him screaming and running covered in flames. He was killed over an argument about kites in Malerkotla, Punjab, which is ruled by a Muslim-abetting government. That the child belonged to India’s micro-minority, the Jains, should have promised prompt justice. But no social or economic status can put one ahead of the Muslims here. His mother, Aarti Jain, filed petitions with the Punjab and Haryana high court accusing five Muslims, after the local police failed to trace the culprits. The latest reports from 2018 show no progress on the case for the past five years. The family had to relocate, putting up their house and shop in Malerkotla on sale, but there were no buyers.

Hindus were slandered worldwide after the alleged rape case of a Kathua minor was brought to the fore by locals and left-leaning media. Washington Post, the UK’s Telegraph and several other international outlets carried this news for months with bold headlines. It was an isolated incident that had a Muslim victim, and hence the world knows her name, Asifa.

Months later, 10-year-old Geeta was raped in a Muslim madrassa; radical Muslim gangs demanded she be married off to her rapist and character assassinated her in deplorable language. Twitter is crowded with Muslims gloating over the brutality wildly and abominably. Twitter CEO Jake Dorsey found none of it opposed to Twitter’s community standards, and allowed the inflow of the horrid messages.

Two-year-old Tinkle Sharma was abducted, brutalized to unspeakable extremes, mutilated bit by bit, and dumped into a garbage bin by two neighbours, Mohammad Zahid and Aslam. The body was recovered with limbs dismembered and eyes gouged out. There were strong suspicions that the toddler had been raped also. As the issue escalated nationally, liberal media houses that had communalized the Asifa Banu case to shreds hastened to preach how this crime must not be communalized.

They also said “don’t communalize” when Asif and Irfan raped and slit the throat of an eight-year-old in Mandsaur, and in innumerable other such blood-curdling cases of rapes, murders, and at times both transpired. These were either denied or downplayed by the police or suppressed by mainstream media.

As Islamic groups have the media wrapped around their little finger and command exponential influence over the political machinery, the barbarities by the Asifs, Zahids or Irfans never get known, much less talked about, criticized, and condemned. Punished? Oh well. Do you the know that the most brutal of the five rapists in the infamous 2012 Delhi rape case got away with a sewing machine and 10 thousand in cash, while others are done to death? His name was Mohammad Afroz.

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