Since childhood, Princess Haya and her brother were drugged by their stepmother


Mustafa Ali Noor

American-born Queen Noor, a graduate from the Princeton University in the US and one of the wives of King Hussein of Jordan and stepmother of Princess Haya and Prince Ali used to drug her stepchildren since their childhood with the ambition of making them disqualified for becoming an heir to the throne. Queen Noor was a dearest friend of Bill Clinton and was referred to as the “daughter of America and a Queen of Jordan”.

Jordan’s current king is not the son of Queen Noor, instead, King Abdullah was born to Princess Muna, King Hussein’s second wife.

Queen Noor was born Lisa Najeeb Halaby to a Christian Arab-American family and raised in Washington DC. She took the name Noor al-Hussein when she converted to Islam and married the King on June 15, 1978.

Princess Haya and Prince Ali were born to Princess Alia Baha ud-din Toukan, third wife of King Hussein. Alia’s mother’s name is Hanan Hashim.

Alia was born in Cairo, Egypt in December 1948. Her father was Jordanian ambassador to the Court of St James’s (United Kingdom), Italy, Turkey, and Egypt when she was born. Toukan served King Abdullah I, helped write the Jordanian Constitution in 1952 and was Jordan’s first Ambassador to the United Nations. Alia spent most of her childhood years traveling with her parents during her father’s career in Jordan’s diplomatic corps: she lived in Egypt, Turkey, London, the United States, and Rome. She attended Church School in London and later joined Rome Center of Liberal Arts of Loyola University Chicago. She studied political science with a minor in social psychology and public relations at Hunter College in New York.

Queen Noor’s repression on her stepchildren

Princess Haya and Prince Ali became a target of their stepmother Queen Noor, who wanted to clear the path to the throne for her own son by spoiling lives of Haya and Ali. With this notorious agenda, she was drugging both Haya and Ali, while two of her female maids were assigned to turn Haya and Ali sexually pervert. As per instructions, these confidantes of Queen Noor have started having physical relations with Ali from his very tender age while one of these maids succeeded in involving Princess Haya into lesbianism. Drugs, alcohol, and sex became part of Princess Haya’s life and she could never walk out of these addictions even after marrying Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Muhammed Rashid al Maktoum.

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  1. No respect for Banu Hashim – Direct Lineage to Prophet Muhammad via Hashim ibn Abd Manaf, the great-grandfather of Muhammad. Even if the rubbish stated here in this article was true, a true Muslim would never repeat, magnify, and uncover it. When a Muslim sees something wrong we are told to call it out and take action. This is bad journalism.

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