Slow server of UIDAI has become a problem in Bihar, there is a problem in Aadhaar verification of alcoholics


There is a problem in the Aadhaar verification of people caught on the charge of drinking alcohol in Bihar. Due to the slowness of the UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) server, verification of fewer people is being ensured than the people caught in the excise offices. However, after its launch from February 2023, the number of verifications has increased in April and the current May month as compared to the first two months February-March.

125 repeat offenders identified

At present, Aadhaar verification of more than 14 thousand alcoholics has been done in Bihar, while during the verification, 125 repeat offenders i.e. people caught for the second time on the charge of drinking alcohol have also been identified.

There was a lot of trouble in the first two months

After the introduction of Aadhaar verification of alcoholics in February, the first two months were a lot of trouble. Sometimes the server was down and sometimes due to lack of knowledge of technology, the operators faced problems in operation. Many a times, the production workers had to face trouble due to non-cooperation of the people caught in the state of intoxication. This problem was removed after training was given at the headquarters level.

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Verification of 4000 alcoholics so far in May

In February and March, where the Aadhaar verification of only 711 and 1467 alcoholics was done respectively, the number reached to 6500 in April as activism increased. In the first two weeks of May also, the verification of Aadhaar of about four thousand alcoholics was completed. For better operation and arrangement, the Prohibition Products Department is making arrangements to hand over the responsibility of supply, installation, testing, operation and maintenance of entire Aadhaar verification equipment to a private agency.

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