Sobyanin spoke about the improvement of the Vorobyovskaya embankment and the Walk of Fame

Vorobyovskaya embankment will become one of the most important improvement projects in 2023. This was announced on Monday, February 20, by Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

According to him, the repair of the embankment will be a logical continuation of the revival of the Sparrow Hills sports cluster, which is entering the finish line. He also noted that the improvement project includes two stages – these are works on the embankment itself and the creation of the Walk of Fame along Kosygin Street.

“Vorobyevskaya is one of the few pedestrian embankments of the Moscow River. For more than 100 years, Muscovites have been coming here to breathe fresh air and take a break from the bustle of the city. And naturally, any landscaping work in this place should be as careful and sparing as possible, ”the mayor wrote on his site.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the embankment will be equipped with a special path with a springy safety coating and a two-way roller skating track. In addition, the length of hiking trails on the slopes of the Sparrow Hills will increase by almost 3 km.

On the roof of one of the berthing structures, an observation deck overlooking the water and located opposite the Luzhniki will be equipped. They will also repair stairways to the water, install new signs, lamps and architectural and artistic lighting. The granite of the berths will be cleaned of many years of deposits, and the overhead wires will be removed underground.

“The Alley of Sports Glory of the Stars of the Winter Olympic Games will become the new main entrance to Sparrow Hills. A 480-meter walking route along Kosygina Street will lead guests from the escalator gallery directly to the ski complex and the cable car station across the Moscow River,” Sobyanin added.

An information stand with a three-dimensional map of the territory will be installed at the exit from the gallery, and the alley itself will be decorated with artistic compositions dedicated to winter sports and the legends of the Winter Olympics. Green recreation areas with benches and swings will appear on the alley.

The day before, February 19, Sobyanin spoke about the improvement of the Krutitskaya embankment. The mayor said that all work on its reconstruction should also be completed before the end of the year. According to him, the Krutitskaya embankment will become a new place for rest and walks for citizens. Lawns, flower beds, trees and shrubs will be planted there. The mayor noted that it is also planned to equip a four-lane road with two lanes in each direction.

In February, it also became known that specialists from the municipal services complex began work on lining the bowl of a light-dynamic fountain in the park of the Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve. The repair of one of the main attractions of the reserve is planned to be completed in the spring of 2023, by the opening of the new season of fountains.

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