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Ministry of Information’s Press Information Department (PID) is truly in a very sorry state. Anyone visiting the website of PID will realize, how this important department of the government is being run in a naïve manner, which certainly would greatly tarnish the image of the country, particularly when hundreds of foreign journalists are in Bangladesh on the occasion of Birth Centenary of the Father of the Nation, which also coincides with the Golden Jubilee of the Independence of this country. Moreover, due to the lack of knowledge and experience, members of PID have categorically done something very serious that is greatly disrespecting Bangabandh’s birth centenary.

In ABOUT US section of PID’s website, it states: Press Information Department works as a bridge between people and the Government. It releases news and pictures of the Government as the only authentic source of the Government and through clippings reaches people’s feedback to the concerned Ministries for having people friendly and expected policies finally by the policy makers.

Anyone reading the above sentences will easily understand, this department is supposed to play an important role in distributing news, features and photographs of important events of all the ministries.

Image of the website of Press Information Department (PID)

Surath Kumar Sarker is the Principal Information Officer of PID, while it has 32 senior officials. According to the website, it also has six staffs alongside officers attached to various ministries, whose names are not shown in the specified page.

The HOME page of the PID website is a real mess. For our readers, we are chronologically mentioning each of the disturbing issues:

PID’s website has serious spelling errors. For example, it spells ‘rejoinder’ as ‘regoinder’.

Mujib Centenary is mentioned as ‘Mujib Hundred’. The feature section of Bangabandhu’s birth centenary has no content at all!

There is no handout in the Mujib Borsho section.

Anyone visiting the website of Press Information Department will fail to find any feature, report or photograph on Bangabandhu, but only several handpicked numbers of photographs presented as ‘rare photo’.

The section to applying for Press Accreditation Card is also left blank!

PID in its objective section states: Press Information Department aims to serve the people and the state. Being the only authentic source of the Government, PID always values people’s welfare and thus releases Government news and pictures to the print and electronic media for having media coverage targeting people’s concern and welfare. PID always evaluates and appreciates the role of the people. With the co-operation of the print and electronic media, PID is dieheart [diehard] about serving the people of the country and thus serves the state sincerely its best.

But, after visiting the website, anyone will realize – this key organization of the government certainly is in great mess.

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