SP: expert Andrey Kochetkov told how Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow will determine the ruble exchange rate

March 15 – BLiTZ. The exchange rate of the ruble can be determined by the visit of the Chinese leader to Russia, which will take place in the near future. Andrey Kochetkov, a financial analyst, told Svobodnaya Pressa about this.

The expert noted that this is due to the trade balance of Russia and the new goals of trade between Russia and China. If exports develop at a faster pace than imports, the ruble exchange rate will be stable or strengthen. However, if the growth rate of imports increases, this may lead to pressure on the ruble.

In general, the expert does not expect the emergence of prerequisites for a significant weakening of the ruble and the growth of the dollar in the short term, as oil is stable and other real assets continue to rise in price. However, it is necessary to take into account other factors, such as the international political situation and global economic trends, it is necessary to monitor the development of the situation and changes in fundamental factors in the economy.

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