Norwegian skiers rake in money with a shovel while Russian athletes can’t race

March 14 – BLiTZ. Russian skiers are still restricted from participating in international competitions. There are many interested in what is happening. Edition <a rel=”nofollow noopener” href=”” target=”_blank”></a> writes that for many athletes the golden time has come. Now they have a chance to occupy those places that they could not dream of before.

The IOC officially responded to the UK’s demand to prevent Russians and Belarusians from participating in the 2024 Olympics March 13, 2023 at 17:57

It is noted that the balance of power in skiing has changed dramatically, since the absence of Russia has allowed many to climb a number of steps higher. Recall that Russian athletes have always been in the lead in this direction.

In addition, the decrease in the number of participants increased the cash rewards.

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