State Congress celebrates victory in Karnataka elections, Bajrambali dominated


Congress’s victory in the Karnataka elections was celebrated with great fanfare at the Congress office in Ranchi. Party workers were seen dancing and singing with drums and congratulating each other for the huge victory. At the same time, Bajrangbali, which remained a topic of discussion during the Karnataka elections, should also dominate during the celebrations. Party workers were wearing the mask of Bajrangbali. There, he had taken mace in his hands. The worker carrying the mace said that this victory of the Congress shows that the politics of religion will not continue in the country. We do not hate Bajrambli. No one can break the country in the name of religion.

Politics of religion will no longer work in India – Leader of Congress-Opposition Alamgir Alam

Jharkhand Congress Leader-Opposition Alamgir Alam also reached the party office to join the victory celebration. During this, talking to Prabhat Khabar, he says that the victory of Congress in Karnataka is pointing towards the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. We have won the Himachal elections, have won the Karnataka elections and Congress has to win many more elections in the future. The public has voted on a public issue. The politics of religion will no longer work in India. The public has also understood that we have no enmity with Bajrambali.

Rajesh Thakur said, BJP will be wiped out from all over the country in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections

At the same time, State President Rajesh Thakur said that Rahul Gandhi had already said that he will open the market of love in the market of hatred. it has been proven. Seeing the enthusiasm of the workers, it is being known that Congress is going to come not only in some states but in the whole country. The way BJP has been wiped out in the South, the same way it will be done in the whole country in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Congress immersed in the celebration of victory, leading in 138 seats

Let us tell you that after the Chhattisgarh elections, today is the day for the Congress when the Congress has got a big success. Congress has made a clean sweep of the Karnataka elections today. This is the second time in the last five years when the Congress has got a landslide victory in a big state. However, in Himachal too, the Congress had won on its own. After this victory of Karnataka, there is a wave of happiness in the Congress camp. Congress is leading on 138 seats in Karnataka, now the counting is nearing completion, in such a situation there is no possibility of much change.

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