STP will be built in the cities along the river Ganges in Bihar, compost will be prepared from the waste from the plant


In Bihar, along with the construction of Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP) in 23 cities along the banks of river Ganga and 16 cities of its tributaries, work is also going on on FSTP (Fecal Sludge Treatment Plant) in 76 small towns. After collecting the filth coming out of private septic tanks through these FSTPs, it will be treated and prepared as manure. At present, land is being searched for the construction of FSTP in the identified bodies.

Will have the capacity to dispose of 1287 kilo liters per day

The total capacity of FSTP plants to be set up in 76 cities will be 1287 KLD. That is, the plants to be established will be able to dispose of 1287 kilo liters of septic and contaminated waste every day. At present, people in small towns use only septic tanks for defecation. The faecal sludge that is emptied through the tankers of the dead bodies is thrown into empty spaces, pits or drains, causing many serious diseases and contaminating the water sources. To control this and to facilitate the people, a plan has been prepared to establish FSTP plant.

Solid waste from the plant will be used as fertilizer

According to the officials, this plant not only treats the sludge of domestic septic tanks but also all other types of contaminated debris of the city and separates them into solid and liquid. The solid waste left over from the plant after treatment can be used as manure while the liquid can be used for irrigation. The plant works in several steps on a completely scientific basis.

Preparation of STP plants in eight important cities

Apart from Ganga and its tributaries, sewerage treatment plants (STP) are also being prepared in eight other important cities. Among these four cities with dirty rivers are Ramnagar, Narkatiaganj, Raxaul and Jogbani while four important cities are Gaya, Ara, Bettiah and Katihar. A total STP of 251.75 MLD capacity is being set up here. Of these, the tender process is underway for STPs of 9 MLD capacity in Ramnagar and 7 MLD in Narkatiaganj, while 12 MLD in Raxaul, 4.25 MLD in Jogbani, 84 MLD in Gaya, 47 MLD in Arrah, 33 MLD in Bettiah and 55.5 in Katihar. The DPR for sewerage treatment plant of MLD capacity has been prepared and sent to NMCG (National Mission for Clean Ganga). As soon as its approval is received, the work will be started after completing the tender process.

Namami Gange: Ten new STPs to be built in Supaul, Lakhisarai, Motihari and Daudnagar, capacity will be 67.6 MLD

Seven projects completed so far

Out of about six dozen STP projects approved for keeping the rivers clean, so far only seven projects have been completed and started. The facility to treat even ten percent of the total dirty water coming out of the cities has not been developed so far.

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