Stress is not letting the youth of Patna sleep, getting help from Tele Manas helpline, this is how counseling is done


Anand Tiwari, Patna. A large section in Patna district is facing severe level of tension. In this, the number of youth is maximum as compared to the elderly and middle-aged. Complaints like sleeplessness and nervousness are on the rise. This disclosure has come after the consultation call coming on the Tele Manas helpline of the Union Health Ministry. According to the doctors treating, stress has made a place in every house in the run-of-the-mill life. Cases of nervousness and sleeplessness have increased due to stress. Some patients have also reached the hospital in critical condition.

More than 20 patients are calling daily

Dr. Ajay Kumar, former state president of Koilwar Mental Illness Department and IMA, says that the number of mental patients has increased. Most of the calls to the Telemanus helpline are related to bad mood and nervousness. After this, more calls are received regarding problems like sleeplessness, stress etc. More than 20 people call daily in the Telemanus helpline operated in IGIMS and Koilwar Mental Illness Department. Among them, the number of people in the age group of 20 to 40 years is maximum.

Patients with these 23 symptoms call

People calling the helpline number are more likely to have symptoms of sleeplessness, bad mood, stress, family problems, hopelessness, loss of interest in work, loss of hope, irritability, drug addiction, loss of desire, suicidal thoughts. After this, some people complain that fatigue, medical or other exam related problems, overworking, self-harm, breaking things during quarrels, drug related problems, additional problems in the body, not going to school, etc. more than 23 Patients with symptoms call.

Change in the life of a young man after a phone call

Dr. Manish Mandal, Deputy Director of IGIMS, said that under the Telemanus helpline, doctors and counselors are helping patients over phone. Patients with more problems are called to the institute and treated. He told that a 24-year-old youth was depressed. Thoughts of suicide used to come to his mind several times a day. Counseling of the youth was done through the family members. He is completely healthy after better treatment.

what is tele manas helpline number

People struggling with mental problems can overcome their problems by calling the helpline numbers 14416 and 1800914416. This facility has been started in IGIMS, Koilwar Mental Hospital and Bhagalpur Medical College Hospital in entire Bihar. Especially number 14416 is more effective.

this is how to treat

If any patient narrates his problems on the Telemanus helpline, then his counseling is done on such phone only. If the stress has reached a serious level, then after talking to the relatives of the patient, he is brought to the hospital. Tele Manas works on IVRS system. In this technique, if the caller’s phone gets disconnected, the counselor can call him immediately. Even if the caller’s number is not in the network, it can still connect the phone to the caller as an emergency call via satellite.

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