Surat: 1008 infants of Terapanth were blessed with the nectar of Guruvani


Thousands of students from Surat and nearby Gyanshalas reached the Mangal Sannidhi of Lord Mahavir’s representative, Acharyashree Mahashramanji, the current head of the Jain Shwetambar Terapanth Dharmasangh, sitting in the Bhagwan Mahaveer University campus, and the great ascetic blessed the infants with his nectar rain. The children of Terapanth became happy after receiving the Amritvani received from the head of their Suguru. About 1008 children of the Gyanshala also gave charming presentations through their many presentations in salutation to the holy feet of their deity. During this, at the end of the camp of the five-day National Sanskar Nirman Shivir, Acharyashree provided holy Pathey to the campers. The campers who got places in the camp were also felicitated.

Completion of National Sanskar Nirman Camp, campers also received auspicious blessings

On Friday, in the Mangal Sannidhi of Acharyashree Mahashramanji, the Ekadashmadhishasta of Jain Shvetambara Terapanth Dharmasangh, who provided irrigation to the city of Surat situated on the coast of the Arabian Sea with the rain of his Amritvani, thousands of knowledgeable people of the Gyanshala operated in Surat city and its surrounding got the nectar of their adorable. Had come to receive the country. Providing auspicious anointing to the students of knowledge present in Mahavir Samvasaran, especially with his Amritvani, said that there are many instincts within the living being. If there are virtues, there are also vices. A man should try to develop virtues while avoiding vices.

Acharyashree further said that today the presence of so many scholars has shown the form of Gyanshala Diwas. Gyanshala is a shortened form of school Pathshala. This is a great effort to develop spirituality in children in the environment of materialism. It is a big deal for the children to come to the Gyanshala along with the school. This is an important initiative of the Jain Shwetambar Terapanthi Mahasabha. How many female teachers impart philosophy and good values ​​to the children. It is a big thing for children below the age of 15 years to do Varshitap in the rainy season that ended last days.

Gyanshala is the means of promotion of knowledge and wealth

Knowledge and culture are invaluable assets in life. Gyanshala is the means of promotion of knowledge and wealth. With the increase in the number of students in the Gyanshala, the development of knowledge and culture should continue. Future generations should continue to be cultured through Gyanshala. Before the auspicious speech of Acharyashree, Sadhvivarya Sadhvi Sambudhyashaji, Sadhvipramukh Sadhvi Vishrutavibhaji and Muni Uditkumarji also addressed the students of the Gyanshala.

Children’s religious-spiritual development should continue

Acharyashree, giving holy inspiration to the campers of the present National Culture Building Camp, through the culture building camp, children should develop their values, develop their knowledge. The religious-spiritual development of the children should continue. In the context of the camp, Muni Jitendrakumarji gave information to Pujyapravar.

The students of the Gyanshala chanted

The students of the Gyanshala performed the invocation. Mansukhlal Sethia, President of Jain Shwetambar Terapanthi Mahasabha, Sohanraj Chopra, National Convenor of Gyanshala, Praveen Medatwal, Zonal Convenor of Gyanshala, gave their faithful expression. During this, the books of the third part of the Gyanshala curriculum were released in front of Acharyashree. After that, the students of Gyanshala gave many attractive presentations. The children of the Rashtriya Sanskar Nirman Shivir sang a song.

Limbayat MLA Mrs. Sangitaben Patil also visited Acharyashree

Limbayat MLA Smt. Sangitaben Patil, who reached for the darshan of Acharyashree, said that she is feeling blessed to have had the privilege of having the darshan of Param Pujya Saint Acharyashree Mahashramanji. With the blessings of Aapshree, may I get such power, so that I can serve the public and develop my area. The way you are doing spiritual service to the people is amazing. May your health be healthy. I bow down to you again. IPS Sagar Baghmar also gave his expression after visiting Acharyashree and received holy blessings from Acharyashree. At the end of the program, the students present lined up and got the privilege of having darshan near Acharyashree.

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