Surat: 3359 vehicles blacklisted for not paying tax despite RTO’s notice


Surat RTO has blacklisted 3359 vehicles on the charge of tax refund. Vehicle owners were not paying annual tax for private buses and goods vehicles for a long time. Vehicles have been blacklisted to help these vehicle owners who are turning a blind eye despite repeated notices. The vehicles which have been blacklisted will also not be able to scape at the facility. Not only this, vehicle transfer or any other operation cannot be done until the tax is paid.

Now penalty and interest will be charged separately.

Private luxury bus operators have to pay tax to the RTO according to the seating capacity of the bus. Similarly, goods trucks also have to pay the prescribed tax, but since some vehicle owners are refusing to pay the tax to the RTO, currently there is an outstanding tax of 53.31 crores on 3359 vehicles in the RTO’s account. 53.31 crore is only tax. Now, if the tax is not paid on time, penalty and interest will be charged separately.

More than 10 vehicle owners paid tax

The vehicles of 3359 vehicle owners have been blacklisted for defying the notices sent to deposit the outstanding tax. The only reason for blacklisting these vehicles is that tax non-payers cannot get their vehicles scrapped at the facility centers. Apart from this, the vehicle owners reached the RTO office to pay the tax for the blacklisted vehicles. So far more than 10 vehicle owners have paid the tax.

53.31 crore tax is due on 3359 vehicles

Some did not pay tax for one year and some did not visit RTO for two-three years. Presently, the RTO has 3359 vehicles with an estimated tax arrears of Rs 53.31 crore. In-charge RTO has started legal action against tax defaulters due to heavy tax arrears.

Blacklisted for not paying tax

Surat RTO Akash Patel said that some vehicle owners have not come to the office to pay vehicle tax for a long time. Not paying the outstanding tax despite repeated notices. At that time, after the order of the Transport Commissioner, 3359 vehicles have been backlisted due to tax refund. These vehicle owners will not get the benefit of the government’s policy until they pay the tax due to the government.

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