Surat: After mass suicide of four family members, daughter also attempted suicide


Two days ago, four members of the Moradia family committed suicide by consuming poison in Sarthana area of ​​Surat. The family was survived by a son and an elder daughter. Now this elder daughter has also attempted suicide. That’s why he has been referred to the hospital in critical condition.

Only 2 out of 6 family members survived

Vinu Moradia, his wife Shardaben, son Krish and daughter Tina, living in Vijayanagar near Yogichowk of Sarthana, committed suicide by drinking poison together. Before committing suicide, Vinu Moradia called his elder brother and asked him to take care of his elder son Parth and daughter Ruchita. Meanwhile, the police started taking statements of the local people and other family members including his elder brother in this matter.

Another family member also attempted suicide

Police is recording the statement, in the meantime, another member of the Moradia family, elder daughter Ruchita has also attempted suicide. At present, Ruchita has been admitted to a private hospital. The suicide attempt by another member of the family created a stir among the family members.

It is believed that he took this step due to depression.

According to the Sarthana police, Ruchita, the elder daughter of the Moradia family, had swallowed phenyl in the bathroom today. On knowing this, the family immediately admitted Ruchita to a private hospital. On knowing about the incident, the police also reached the hospital. At present, it is believed that this step has been taken due to depression.

Fear of mass suicide due to son

Vinu Moradia’s elder son Parth is 21 years old in the case of mass suicide of Moradia family in Sarthana. The elder son of the house did not go to work, due to which there used to be fights in the house. Since the son was not working despite being of marriageable age, the father’s worry was increasing. Because of this, the police have speculated that his wife and two children may have committed suicide.

Useless son used to beat sisters, was busy in mobile

The elder son was not doing business, apart from quarrels at home, he was of marriageable age. That’s why Vinubhai was also worried about the fact that when a girl’s relationship came for a boy, the son would also worry about not doing any work. Apart from this, the son was constantly busy with his mobile phone and used to quarrel with the younger sisters in the house. Distressed by all these things, Vinubhai is feared to finally commit suicide along with his family.

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