Surat: ‘Don’t shout or else I will kill you’, raped a minor


After befriending the brother of a 14-year-old girl in Surat’s Dindoli area, a young man, taking advantage of her loneliness at home, threatened to ‘don’t shout or kill me’ and raped the girl. In this case, the police have registered a complaint and arrested the youth.

make friends on instagram

According to the information, a family lives in Dindoli area of ​​Surat. The family has a 14-year-old daughter. Meanwhile, a youth named Akash Singh sent a request to the minor on Instagram, which was accepted by the minor and a conversation took place between the two. Akash Singh also lived in Dindoli area, he had also befriended Sagira’s brother and used to visit his house.

threatened and raped

On 26-01-2023 the mother of the minor had gone to the village and the father was away at work, the minor was alone at home. At that time accused Akash Singh reached his house in the afternoon. Akash Singh came to the minor’s house and forced her to rape against her will by threatening to ‘close the door peacefully’, don’t shout or else I will kill your brother and you. After which, when the minor was alone in the house for two to three days in the afternoon, the accused would come home and rape the minor by defaming her and threatening to kill her.

minor tired of this annoyance

Fed up with the harassment of the accused, the minor gathered courage and informed the family about the whole incident and later the whole matter reached the police station where the Dindoli police registered a case and started investigation.

criminal fled to rajkot

Dindoli police received information that the accused had fled to Rajkot along with his sister-in-law who has returned to Surat and is currently standing near Godadara bridge. On the basis of the information, the police arrested Akash Singh Gurujit Singh (age 22), a resident of Bihar and currently living in Dindoli area, while on guard and took legal action.

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