Surat: Fear of spreading disease from contaminated and yellow colored water for the past several days


For the past several days, complaints are being made of foul smell from water in different zones of Surat city. Red colored water is coming in some areas and yellow colored polluted water is coming in others, due to which a kind of fear is being seen among the local people.

complaint of contaminated water

Rumors of contaminated water coming from different zones of Surat Municipal Corporation are being heard in various societies for the last few days. Officials are only talking about leakage in drinking water lines but the way contaminated water is reaching inside various societies, another problem is visible. Not only in one zone, but similar complaints are being seen in other areas including Rander Udhna Pandesara of Surat city.

Despite the release of water from Ukai dam, the situation remains the same

The people of Surat city are supplied water from Weir cum Causeway. The water level has gone down due to the heat. Due to fall in the water level many times the city comes under the grip of contaminated water, but the release of 750 cusecs first and then 1000 cusecs of water from Ukai dam has not made any difference in the situation so far. Cases of contaminated and discolored water are still coming to the fore.

There is a fear of spreading diseases due to contaminated water. There is a possibility of water-borne diseases not only in one area but due to contaminated water coming in different areas. There is an atmosphere of fear among the local people as well. When the rulers were asked about this, they defended themselves and said that this type of contaminated water is coming due to leakage in the water supply line.

There is no problem with the water being provided by the municipality. But the question arises that if there is a fault in the water supply line itself, then how can it be possible to have a fault in every zone. It is understandable if there is such a problem in some societies in one zone, but the same problem is visible in different zones.

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