Surat: Hazira-Gothan 50 km new broad gauge line approved as a special scheme


The 50 km broad gauge railway line from Hazira to Gothan has been sanctioned as a special scheme with a view to utilize government land without acquiring or using private land of farmers. Regarding this new project, in the meeting held in the auditorium of the District Magistrate’s office, under the leadership of Minister of State for Forest and Environment Mukesh Patel, discussions were held with the officials regarding land acquisition.

Maximum use of government land will be done

The route decided to take the railway track to Hazira forced the acquisition of some farmers’ land, although in the past there were agitations by farmers not to give up their land and the government’s decision was opposed . To prevent such situation from recurring, the government has adopted this path and has made a plan to lay new railway tracks by making maximum use of the government land. It is important that this railway line being laid is going to be used only for the projects of private companies in Hazira.

Hazira port will get rail connectivity

In this regard, Minister Mukesh Patel said that due to collective efforts, approval has been given to give special status to this scheme after many years. This will provide rail connectivity to Hazira Port, reduce logistic cost and road load. More government land will be used for laying the railway line from Hazira to Gothan to maintain a balance of agriculture with industries, while careful planning has been done to ensure farmers acquire the least amount of private land.

Care was taken not to acquire land

To avoid the acquisition of private land of farmers for this project, a railway line will be drawn from Damka, Vanswa to Hazira, taking a detour of about four km. It was discussed that government land, Kribhco land will be acquired as per the Railway Act, which will be notified soon.

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