Surat: In the new civil hospital, in the era of Corona, ventilators, which became life of people, are eating dust.


During the Corona period, more than 100 ventilators given from PM Care in Surat Civil Hospital are gathering dust. In this regard, the Superintendent of Surat’s New Civil Hospital defended that the ventilators are cleaned after a few days, the matter will be investigated and action will be taken.

In Surat Civil, more than 100 ventilators allocated by the central government from PM Cares at a cost of crores are kept as junk. There is no need to close the doors of the rooms where ventilators are kept, while plastic is not placed over the ventilators. Dust is visible everywhere in the room where the ventilator is kept. Also, dust has accumulated on the ventilator.

cleaned from time to time

Civil Superintendent Dr. Ganesh Govekar said that now there is no covid and corona patients are also not coming, so the ventilators which are not in use have been kept in a room. Which is cleaned from time to time. Instructions have also been given to pack all the ventilators properly and after investigation, action will be taken against those who are negligent.

Even if we put plastic it often blows away

It was further stated that these ventilators are cleaned every month. The biomedical department also checks whether it is damaged. It has become dusty as the ventilator is not in use. Even now we provide ventilators wherever there is a demand. Even now if needed, we can use all these ventilators. Dust builds up if the ventilator is left unused. Even if plastic is applied, it often blows off.

Medical bed is also in dilapidated condition

The ventilator is not the only one fighting for survival at the Surat Civil Hospital. When the team of TV9 visited the second ward. After this even more shocking scenes were seen. The medical electronic beds here are used in the emergency wards including the ICU, though they too are seen in a dilapidated condition. These medical beds are scattered haphazardly like junk in a room. These beds, which provide comfort to patients, are kept in such a way that they are not to be used again. No maintenance, no decoration and no arrangement. If the life-saving equipment is in such a condition, then it can be understood to what extent the negligence would be going on in the government hospital.

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