Surat: Life should be self-disciplined: Yug Pradhan Acharyashree Mahashraman


The residents of Palsana became emotional when Acharyashree Mahashramanji, the peace ambassador of the dynamic Jain Shvetambar Terapanth Dharmasangh from Silkcity to Mayanagari, made his auspicious debut on the land of Palsana. Welcomed your adorable with devotion. Acharyashree Palsana’s S.D.J. Attended International School. Where Acharyashree’s one-day stay took place.

Yugpradhan Acharyashree Mahashramanji left Sachin for Mars on Saturday morning. When Sachin residents offered their gratitude at the feet of their deity, Acharyashree gave them auspicious blessings. Acharyashree is moving towards Mayanagari, Mumbai, known as the financial capital of the country, after completing the journey of Silk City. Where Acharyashree’s year 2023 is scheduled to be a long stay including Chaturmas. The journey of Gatimaan Acharyashree on National Highway No. 8 was forcing the passers-by to look at the wonder. In this race of modernity, while people walking on the road with the spirit of mercy and welfare from the vehicles running on the highway, the national saint was looking supernatural to the unknown people. Somewhere in both the fields of the highway, sugarcane, vegetables and other crops were growing and high-rise buildings and factories were showing the prosperity of Gujarat.

The residents of Palsana presented their feelings in respect to their deity

When Acharyashree came to Palsana after traveling about 12 kms, the people of Palsana greeted their worshiper without emotion. SDJ for Acharyashree stay. On coming to the International School, the members of the school family felicitated Acharyashree.

12 km Acharyashree reached S.D.J. International School

In the auspicious speech organized in the school premises, Acharyashree while giving auspicious address to the people present said that all the creatures of the world want to lead a happy life. There would be no such creature, who would not wish for a happy life. In order to achieve a happy life, the scriptures have given inspiration to suppress the soul. Although it is difficult to suppress the soul, but to make life happy, it is necessary to suppress the soul, that is, to win over your soul. Every living being is afraid of sorrow. Sorrows also arise from carelessness committed by living beings, so man should try to discipline his soul, so that the soul can be saved from carelessness.

The residents of Palsana greeted their deity with emotion

In order to overcome this world of sorrow, man should try to strengthen the sense of self-discipline. Without duty and discipline, even the god of democracy can meet death and destruction. Therefore, be it in the family, be it in the society, be it in the school, be it in the nation, discipline is required everywhere. A man who disciplines himself can discipline others. One who does not have discipline on himself, how can he rule others. That’s why man should try to keep his soul disciplined. In this democratic system also, there should be as much purity, truthfulness, honesty and mutual harmony as possible. Acharyashree further said that today he has to come to this Vidya Sansthan. Even during his stay in Surat, he had visited the place associated with this institution. There should be discipline in the lives of the students as well, good knowledge and good manners should be acquired. May all be well in the lives of the residents of Palsana, best wishes.

After the auspicious discourse, Kailash Chaplot, President of the local Terapanthi Sabha, Kailash Jain, Chairman of Paras Education Trust and Mrs. Shalini Ojha, Principal of the school gave their faith. Students of local Terapanth Mahila Mandal, Terapanth Kanya Mandal and Gyanshala sang their own songs. The students of Gyanshala also gave their soulful presentation. Acharyashree gave holy blessings to the residents of Palsan.

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