Surat: Mayor stops over speeding BRTS bus driver


Incidents of city buses and BRTS buses keep coming to the fore from time to time in Surat city. Over speeding drivers of BRTS and city buses are often seen. In which today the Mayor chased the BRTS driver after seeing the bus driving in overspeed and immediate action was taken by stopping the bus.

bus was driven at over speed

Mayor of Surat City Hemaliben Boghavala was on her way home from the program this afternoon. Meanwhile, he was going from Adajan area to Palanpur Patia when he caught sight of the BRTS driver. The bus was in front of their car and they kept seeing that the driver was driving the bus at high speed. Ignore it for a moment, but the way the driver was driving the bus, it was necessary to stop him from posing a risk to other drivers on the road with the passengers of the bus. So the Mayor followed him and stopped his car in front of the bus near Sona Hotel.

action has been taken against the bus driver

Mayor Hemali Boghavala tried to stop the BRTS bus driver as he was speeding. The mayor got the bus stopped and got into the bus and asked the driver why do you drive the bus at such a high speed. The bus driver rudely replied to the mayor that if there is a BRTS bus, he will drive it at a high speed. After which the mayor contacted the officer with immediate effect. It is also suggested to take action against the driver on getting the details related to him.

It is necessary to stop the threat to citizens immediately: Mayor Hemali Boghavala

Mayor Hemali Boghavala said that the BRTS bus driver was rash and negligent. So I thought that driving a bus like this can also lead to an accident. That’s why I avoided going to my house. The car driver was asked to follow the BRTS bus and stopped the bus right in front of Sona Hotel. Driving a bus like this is fraught with danger for any driver or passerby. On inquiry about the driver, it was found that he is an employee of a service contractor. I have directed the officials to suspend him with immediate effect. Electric bus no. Dinesh Makwana, the driver of GJ-05-CU-6689, was suspended with immediate effect.

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