Surat: Municipal Corporation’s mega cleaning campaign in Chowta Bazar from this morning


There is a lot of resentment among the people regarding illegal pressure and cleanliness in the Central Zone of Surat Municipal Corporation. After public outcry and representations made by the representatives, the Central Zone team today descended on Chowta Bazar for the cleanliness drive.

Till now there was no proper cleaning in Chowta Bazar, but after the complaint, the area has been cleaned. The municipality has indirectly accepted that the cleaning work will be done only after the pressure in Chowta Bazar is reduced.

In the Kot area of ​​the Central Zone of Surat Municipal Corporation, there is a lot of resentment among the people for the last few days due to illegal pressure and cleanliness. It has also come to the fore that many times there is a dispute between the local people and the pushers on this issue. Because of which it was demanded that if proper cleaning is done in Chowta Bazar and Kot area, then the pressure should be removed.

Due to illegal pressure in many areas including Chowta Bazar, Balaji Road, complaints were received that the cleaning staff of the municipality were not able to clean. After a lot of pressure on this issue, when there was no pressure this morning, the team of the Health Department of the Municipality, Central Zone, came to the market for a cleanliness campaign and the entire area was cleaned and cleaned.

The local people are happy to see the cleanliness work of the municipality. However, the local people say that due to the pressure in the Kot area, the cleaning is not done properly. Due to lack of proper arrangement of cleanliness, Surat is not on the first place in the cleanliness survey.

Because of this, if the illegal pressure in Kot area is removed permanently and cleanliness drive is started then Kot area can become a temple of cleanliness. At the same time, in the cleanliness survey, Surat can also become the first clean city of the country.

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