Surat: New revelation in female professor’s suicide case, arrested Juhi used to send money to Pakistan


Many shocking revelations are coming out in the investigation of Surat police in the suicide case of a female professor of Jahangirpura in Surat after threatening to make her nude photo viral. In this case, the Rander police have arrested three accused from Bihar risking their lives. The Pakistan connection came to the fore during the remand of the accused. A girl named Juhi from Andhra Pradesh was sending money to Zulfiqar from Pakistan. That’s why the Rander police team went to Andhra Pradesh in disguise and arrested a woman named Juhi.

What is the whole matter?

A female professor from Surat’s Jahangipura area had committed suicide a month and a half ago. In the incident investigated by the Surat police, it came to light that the woman was blackmailed by calling and sending her morphed nude photos in the name of repaying the loan installment. Therefore, after further investigation, the police traced the whereabouts of 3 accused from Jamui area of ​​Bihar state. So the Rander police arrested Abhishek Kumar Singh, Roshan Kumar Singh and Saurabh Gajendra Kumar from Bihar and brought them to Surat. Then many shocking revelations have come to the fore in the ten days remand of the accused. At the same time, four more accused named Ankit Reshamkumar, Lakbir Traders, Juhi Shaikh and Shantanu Jonghale were declared wanted. Out of which Juhi has been caught by the police team.

Juhi arrested from Andhra Pradesh

While getting the location of Juhi Sheikh, the police found that she is staying at Panja Centre, Vijayawada Street, Andhra Pradesh, so to arrest her, a team of Rander police reached Juhi Sheikh’s residence in Andhra Pradesh in disguise and arrested her. He was arrested and brought to Surat for questioning. Police seized two mobile phones and two bank passbooks from him, out of which many shocking details came to the fore.

In this case, DCP Harshad Mehta told that the arrested female accused Juhi was somehow in contact with Pakistani Sagarit and co-accused to live a high profile lifestyle and was duping the innocent people of the country to repay the loan. By threatening to make her nude photos viral, she started extorting money.

Used to grab 50 to 60 thousand daily

He further said that Juhi was in constant direct contact with Pakistan’s chief Sagar Zulfikar. Apart from this, Juhi used to grab 50 to 60 thousand rupees daily through her application. And used to convert it into USDT currency. The currency that Juhi Sheikh used to send to Pakistan daily. Seven bank accounts of different banks have been found from Juhi. The female accused Juhi was in touch with Zulfikar, the Pakistan-based mastermind of this gang who used to send nude pictures to people and extort money from them, and was doing such work under his guidance for the last four-five years. ,

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