Surat: Organ donation of 24 year old brain dead mother in presence of 3 year old son


Surat, known as the land of donors, is now known as the city of organ donors. Another organ donation has been added to this episode. Donation of two hands, two kidneys, small intestine and liver of a 24-year-old brain dead woman from Godadara will give new life to four people and change the life of one person. The deceased woman has a 3-year-old son.

Declared brain dead after 4 days of treatment

Pritiben Shukla, 24, a resident of Godadara, Surat, was admitted to the Civil Hospital on June 3 at 1.42 pm. Where after four days of treatment, neurosurgeon Dr. Paresh Jhanjmera and neurosurgeon Dr. Keyur Prajapati declared brain dead on June 7 at 2 pm. Dr. Nilesh Kachadia from Soto’s team explained the importance of organ donation to the family members.

organ donation after family consent

Pritiben’s brother and father-in-law agreed for organ donation and the organs were accepted. Today at 1 pm two hands and small intestine were taken to Mumbai’s Global Hospital and liver and two kidneys were taken to Apollo Hospital in Ahmedabad via air ambulance. In this way, the Shukla family has set an example of humanity by giving new life to six people.

Heart was donated two days ago

As a result of the successful efforts of the Civil Hospital, the 28th organ donation took place today. Surat, known as the city of textiles and diamonds, is now emerging as an organ donor city in the country. The family of a Muslim youth of the city, who was declared branded after the accident two days ago, has given new life to three people by donating their organs. A young man’s heart was transplanted into a Muslim girl’s heart in Ahmedabad.

Donation of 6 organs first event of civil hospital

Civil Hospital R.M.O. Dr. Ketan Nayak said that the activity of organ donation has gained a lot of momentum from the new civil hospital. Today 28th organ donation has been done from Civil Hospital. 24-year-old brain dead Priti Ben has donated 6 organs simultaneously. This is probably the first time that 6 organs have been donated simultaneously in a civil hospital.

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