Surat: Rare human life should be filled with brightness, peace and discipline: Peace ambassador Acharyashree Mahashraman


The 62nd birth anniversary of Akhand Parivrajak Acharyashree Mahashramanji, the eleventh resplendent Mahasurya of the Jain Shwetambar Terapanth Dharmasangh, who migrated to Surat to make Diamond City a spiritual city, was organized in a grand and spiritual way. Chaturvidh Dharmasangh gave expressions of their feelings while worshiping their adorable, then Acharyashree also provided the consecration of auspicious blessings to the devotees.

Not only this, while showering blessings on the people of Surat, along with the announcement that Chaturmas of the year 2024 will be held in the Bhagwan Mahavir University campus, he also gave the gift of Chaturmas of the year 2023 to saints and sadhvis. The people of Surat looked ecstatic and happy after receiving this gracious blessing of Acharyashree.

Sadhus-Sadhvis, Samanis and Shravak Samaj worshiped their deity

Even before the sunrise on Saturday, the devotees who had arrived from Surat and different parts of the country for the birth anniversary of their deity, started arriving at the Guru’s sannidhi. Showing kindness to his devotees, Lord Mahavir came to Samavasaran from Acharyashree’s residence. Vishal Samavasaran was visible as if Janakirna. Everyone was looking eager to worship their idol. The worldly relatives of Acharyashree played plates and gave their own expression, while the Santvrind, the Sadhvibrind and the Samanibrind sang songs and offered their devotion on the birth anniversary of their deity. Thereafter, Surat Terapanth Samaj, Dugad family, Terapanth Youth Council, Terapanth Mahila Mandal sang separate songs. The office bearers of all organizations like Jain Shwetambar Terapanthi Mahasabha, All India Terapanth Youth Council, All India Terapanth Mahila Mandal, Anuvrat Vishwa Bharti Society etc. also expressed their feelings and congratulated their Suguru. Acharyashree recited the great Mangalpath of the morning in Mahavir Samavasaran only. After Mangalpath, Acharyashree returned to the place of migration.

Acharyashree gifted the residents of Surat in the form of Chaturmas of Sadhu-Sadhvis

After some time, Acharyashree again came to the discourse pandal for the main discourse program. Peace ambassador Acharyashree Mahashramanji while giving holy address to the present Chaturvidh Dharmasangh said that we all have got human life. Human life has been described as rare and important. It is rare because eighty four lakh species of creatures do not get the human body. Important because only after the attainment of this human life, a man can cross this Bhavsagar through meditation, penance and attain salvation or can attain the divine position.

Taking birth is the sum of destiny, but how to live life, the management of your life should be such that full advantage of this rare human life can be taken. A man has to do so much labor to live life, then man should do such work that he can destroy the previous deeds, so that his soul can be well. There should be an effort to do charity along with self-welfare. Acharyashree while describing the good manners received from his parents in his childhood, said that efforts should be made to give good manners to the children. After receiving the rituals, efforts should be made to increase the brightness in life through chanting, penance, meditation, meditation, yoga. Just as the sun does good to many, in the same way a man can do good to the people who have got brightness in his life. Along with brightness, one should also try to keep peace in life. Life should be full of brightness, peace and discipline. Giving inspiration, Acharyashree said that everyone should try to increase the number of Mumukshus. The entire Sangh is our family. May this family continue to have very good religious-spiritual development.

When the program started in the context of the birth anniversary of Mahatapasvi Acharyashree Mahashramanji, people could not even realize how the time of four hours passed. In the program, Muni Devkumarji, Muni Rishikumarji, Muni Princekumarji, Muni Jayeshkumarji, Muni Vardhamankumarji, Muni Chinmayakumarji, Muni Anekantkumarji, Muni Medhavikumarji, Muni Vinamkumarji, Muni Rajkumarji, Muni Mohjeetkumarji, Muni Namrkumarji, Muni Keshikumarji, Muni Ramyakumarji, Muni Anushankumarji, Muni Komalkumarji and Muni Gauravkumarji paid tribute on the birth anniversary of his idol. The Dugad family composed the song. After that Acharyashree’s worldly brother Mr. Surajkaran Dugad and Mr. Srichand Dugad gave their expression. Sadhvi Charitrayshaji, Sadhvi Trishalakumariji, Sadhvi Sangeetprabhaji, Sadhvi Himashreeji, Sadhvi Arogyashreeji, Sadhvi Pavanprabhaji, Sadhvi Tanmayprabhaji, Sadhvi Khyatayshaji, Sadhvi Rashmiprabhaji, Sadhvi Chetanprabhaji, Sadhvi Chaitanyashaji, Sadhvi Arshprabhaji, Sadhvi Rishiprabhaji, Sadhvi Akhilyashaji, Sadhvi Manjulayshaji, Sadhvi Stuti Prabhaji, Sadhvi Malayaprabhaji , Sadhvi Akshayprabhaji, Samani Akshaypragyaji and Samani Nirmalpragyaji worshiped their idol through their respective expressions.

Sanjay Surana, President of Acharyashree Mahashraman Migration Arrangement Committee, gave his expression. Prayed to Acharyashree to decide the place for the Chaturmas of the year 2024. During this, Honorees of Bhagwan Mahavir University, Anil Bhai Jain, Sanjay Bhai Jain and Jagdishbhai Jain also prayed to Acharyashree while giving their expression. Showering blessings on the people of Surat, Acharyashree announced Chaturmas of the year 2024 in Bhagwan Mahaveer University campus and also gave permission to Muni Uditkumarji’s Chaturmas in Udhna and Sadhvi Trishalakumariji to do Chaturmas of the year 2023 in Citylight, Surat. Provided The residents of Surat, who received blessings and gifts from Acharyashree, were elated. In the program, Acharyashree’s birth anniversary / Pattosav program for the year 2024 is scheduled in Jalna. In this context, the people of Jalna dedicated the banner in the revered sannidhi.

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