Surat: Remove distortions and become self-conqueror: Yug Pradhan Acharyashree Mahashraman


Yugpradhan Acharyashree Mahashramanji, the eleventh discipline of the Jain Shwetambar Terapanth Dharmasangh, who enlightens the people with his spiritual light, is currently illuminating the diamond city and silk city Surat of Gujarat state with his spiritual light. After the effective completion of the Akshaya Tritiya festival, on Monday, a civic reception ceremony was organized in the Mangal Sannidhi of Acharyashree Mahashramanji, the messiah of humanity. In which Surat’s mayor Himaliben Boghavala, many industrialists of Surat and many Padma Shri honored dignitaries expressed their feelings in greeting Acharyashree and received holy blessings from Acharyashree.

A civil felicitation ceremony of Acharyashree was organized on Monday at the grand Mahavir Samavasaran built in the Mahavir University campus. Mumukshu Rijul gave his faith-filled expression in this program that began with Acharyashree’s auspicious Mahamantrochar. After four years, Samani Chaitanyapragyaji, who visited Gurudarshan from abroad, mentioned the work done in the spread of Jainism while giving his expression of joy. Sadhvivarya Sadhvi Sambudhayshaji addressed the people present.

Acharyashree while making the people of Surat drink his Amritvani said that there is a situation of victory and defeat in the world. Some lose in the election and some win. One who conquers a million enemies may be victorious, but one who conquers his own soul is the ultimate victor. To conquer the soul becomes the ultimate victory. Body is temporary and soul is permanent. The body gets destroyed and the soul is indestructible. Winning your soul means getting rid of the perversions that pollute the soul. It is a matter of self-victory to reveal the pure form of the soul by removing the distortions.

Man can get convenience through material means, but to attain peace, man should try to move forward in the direction of spiritual practice. Anger is a perversion of the soul. To remove anger, one should try to do spiritual practice. The soul can be made pure by removing the deformity of anger through Prekshadhyan, Swadhyay, Anupreksha and Sankalp. Similarly, Mardav should be used to remove the perversion of pride. Arjav Bhav can be used to remove distortions in the form of illusion, deceit, fraud. Greed is conquered by satisfaction. In this way the conqueror of seductive deeds can become a conqueror of the Self.

Acharyashree further said that at present our Anuvrat Yatra is going on. Param Pujya Acharyashree Tulsi started the Anuvrat movement. During my travels, I also try to convey the resolutions of goodwill, morality and de-addiction among the people. The spirit of these sources should remain in the people of Surat as well. Acharyashree also gave holy blessings to the Samanis who had Gurudarshan.

After the auspicious speech of Acharyashree, the civic reception ceremony started. Invocation was done by Terapanth Samaj. Bharat Bhai Shah and famous industrialist Govind Bhai Dholakia of Acharyashree Mahashraman Nagrik Abhinandan Samaroh Samiti gave their expression.

The people of Surat have been enlightened by the divine light of Aapshree: Mayor Himaliben Boghavala

Mayor of Surat Municipal Corporation Himaliben Boghavala said that today on behalf of the people of the entire city of Surat, I bow down, salute and congratulate Acharyashree Mahashramanji. The atmosphere of Surat has changed with the arrival of Aapshree. It will take many births to sing your praises. The work you have done for the welfare of the world is commendable. The people of Surat seem to be impressed by the spiritual divine effulgence of Aapshree. I will also try to bring the inspiration received from you in my life. May you bestow such blessings that Surat continues to gain fame all over the world.

Veteran dignitaries of Surat gathered at the civic reception

Apart from this, social worker Kanjibhai Bhalala, Municipal Corporation Standing Committee Chairman Pareshbhai Patel, former JEETO President Ganpat Chaudhary, Padmashree Mathurbhai Sawani, Padmashree Yazdibhai Karanjia, Padmashree Kanu Bhai Taylor, Dr. Jitubhai Shah and Vesu ISKCON President Mr. Radhacharanji paid tribute to their Acharyashree. Received holy blessings by expressing your feelings in Abhinandan. Sanjay Jain read out the congratulation letter. Acharyashree gave holy blessings to the people. Anurag Kothari and Vishvesh Sanghvi conducted the civic reception program.

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