Surat: Server problem solved in Civil Hospital


The administration is feeling relieved after the solution to the server problem which has been a headache for the last one year in Surat Civil Hospital. After the approval of the state government to use Tele Radiology’s server in place of case paper window’s server, now case papers are being issued on time. At present, the case paper is being issued in about 30 seconds in the civil hospital. Earlier case paper used to take 5 to 10 minutes.

patients had to wait

Thousands of patients come daily for treatment in Surat Civil. But for the last one year, the patients coming to the Civil had to face trouble at the window for extracting the case papers. Patients had to wait for 5 to 10 minutes for the case paper which came out in just 30 seconds. After the completion of the hospital building, when the case paper window was opened for Amarnath Yatris in the old trauma center along with the patients of kidney building and trauma center, the problem of the server became worse.

Server problem fixed

Patients had to stand at the case paper window for a long time due to non-availability of case paper on time. Many times such scenes also happened where the doctor was seen in the OPD. But the patients were not visible. The doctors had to wait patiently for the patients. Due to which the case paper window operators had to write the case paper by hand. The plight of the patients facing considerable problems was often presented at the highest level by the medical authorities. Finally got rid of the casepaper windows server problem this week.

is a server for tele radiology

Superintendent Dr. Ganesh Govekar said, the civil hospital has a server for tele-radiology. Which was introduced to be used instead of Casepaper Window Server. With whose approval now the case paper is being issued again in 30 seconds as before. Due to which the patients have got a lot of relief. Now no complaints are coming.

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